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Caroline Manzo Shuts Down Rumors That Her Daughter Lauren Manzo And Vito Scalia Are Getting A Divorce!

Caroline Manzo recently confirmed that her sons Chris and Albie Manzo have launched their own podcast called Dear Albie. The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star recently appeared on the podcast, filling in for her son Chris and addressed some recent rumors about her family.

In the podcast, Caroline addressed rumors about her daughter's Lauren marriage to husband Vito Scalia. "Hey, spoiler, Lauren and Vito are still very much married," Caroline stated. "Everybody seems [to ask], '[Are] Lauren and Vito married?' They are very much married. Lauren just doesn't post a lot because she doesn't want to hear your bulls--t. Plain and simple. We deal with a lot of bulls--t; she doesn't want to hear it."

Caroline also commented on how different parenting is in Lauren and Vito's generation. "Sometimes I look at Lauren and Vito and I'm like, damn... but you have to realize it's a different time... I think parenting has evolved in such a way that probably I'm considered to be very old-fashioned but I'm cool with that," she shared.

"I, of course, love watching Lauren as a mom... I think it's an age-old thing where a mother will look at her daughter and say, 'No! That's not the way you do it; that's the way I did it.' But you have to realize that things evolve, and people evolve and traditions and ways of parenting evolve, so she's going to do it her way the same way I did it my way. And she's a very attentive mom and Vito's a great dad and [Markie's] certainly very, very loved, all around, so I think if there was a gauge for a child being blessed and loved, this kid has got it off the charts."

Caroline also revealed how her granddaughter fits into the fam, calling her "the light of our lives," "the biggest blessing of our lives," and an "old soul."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo