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Shannon Beador And Estranged Husband David Beador Reportedly Call Truce For Their Kids — Find Out Why!

According to a new report, Shannon Beador and her estranged husband David are putting their court issues aside for their three teen daughters. “They are both doing their best to keep the girls out of this mess,” a source told Radar Online.

The media outlet claims that Shannon and David both initially battled over who would get the kids for Christmas. But as part of the truce, the girls spent Christmas Eve with their mother, and the following day with their father.

Apparently, both parents agreed not to talk bad about the other when they are with their children.

“When they are with their father, they are not allowed to even bring up their mother. It is a forbidden topic,” the source continued. “Same goes for Shannon. When she is with the girls and filming with the girls, she does not talk about their dad or badmouth him because she realized it just isn’t fair, or worth it.”

The source claims that the three teens are also getting along with their father’s live-in girlfriend, Lesley Cook. “The girls really like Lesley, and they like seeing their dad happy. He is happy and in love and she is good to him and a good mother to her kids,” the insider told Radar Online.

Shannon and David will return to court next month in their ongoing divorce case.

Photo Credit: Getty Images