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Louise Wallace On The Real Housewives Of Auckland: “That Ship Has Sailed”

Earlier this month, Louise Wallace opened up about her friendships with Real Housewives of Auckland co-stars and teased about the future of the Bravo New Zealand hit reality show. "I still keep in touch with the women who appeared with me on The Real Housewives of Auckland,"the actress and TV host told Stuff NZ.

She continued: "I went out to lunch with Michelle, Gilda and Anne on my birthday recently and we always post a photo whenever we're together."

So is RHOAKL ever returning for a second season? "There's always a number of people who get their hopes up about us reuniting for another season. It's really incredible. In my mind, that ship has sailed," said Wallace.

She added: "It's like when I was the host of The Weakest Link. People will always think of me as being a part of it. Real Housewives had a huge impact on people, and I just don't get it."

As previously reported, a Bravo NZ spokesperson confirmed in April 2018 that there were no plans for a second season.

"The Real Housewives of Auckland was incredibly successful for Bravo NZ, as well as internationally with the show also airing in the US, Europe and Australia. We have no immediate plans for another series, but it is something we would love to do so never say never!" they said in a statement to Stuff.

Photo Credit: Bravo NZ