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Jax Taylor Admits He Gave SUR Boss Lisa Vanderpump Advice About Her Drama With RHOBH Co-Stars!

Jax Taylor recently revealed that he gave some advice to his boss Lisa Vanderpump about how to handle all the drama she is having with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars.

“Season 3, I think she was having an issue on her show and she was like, ‘Jax, how do you deal with this?’ ” he told PEOPLE Now. “I’m like, ‘Lisa Vanderpump‘s asking me?’ ”

“At those times I was always getting it from somebody, you know,” he added.

When Vanderpump asked him how he handles the rest of the cast being “mad” at him, he told her,

“I go, ‘Lisa, I don’t care, man,’ ” he said. “I just don’t. It’s just part of the thing, and I just let it go.’ ”

Recent reports have circulated in various outlets that she’s exiting the hit Bravo series over tension with her RHOBH co-stars.

“That’s like saying, ‘Am I invited to your Christmas party next year?’ I have no idea if the show’s picked up,” she said during an appearance on CBS's The Talk. “I don’t know yet. We’re going to see how this season plays out.”

Vanderpump revealed filming has been “very difficult” for her lately, admitting that she “kind of floundered this season.”

“It’s my ninth season and I had a very difficult year,” said Vanderpump, whose brother Mark Vanderpump died by suicide on April 30 at his home in England.

“And after doing Vanderpump Rules and opening a new business, things got very complicated. So I’m in most of the season, but it got a bit complicated,” she explained.

Photo Credit: Bravo