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RHOCheshire Stars Ester Dee And Magali Gorré End Their Longtime Feud!

Ester Dee and Magali Gorré have confirmed that they have ended their longtime feud. Dee attended the Mind And Soul Charity Gala on Friday, November 2, which was to bring mental health awareness. Original Real Housewives of Cheshire cast members Ampika Pickston and Magali were also in attendace.

This was the first time that both Dee and Gorré met as the two came to face-to-face after they've been feuding on social media for nearly two years.

As previously reported, the feud started when Magali, who recaps the ITVBe hit reality show for Manchester Evening News shared her thoughts on Ester. In March 2017, Magali shaded Ester by saying that she belongs on Georgie Shore instead of Housewives.

Gorré said: “I have heard there is a new cast member and she is more Geordie Shore than Cheshire.”

Dee responded to Magali's comment, and let's just say that she was not that thrilled with the self proclaimed #CheshireGangster.

“I would like to send Magali a message. I can fit in London, I can fit in Essex, I can fit in Newcastle and I can fit in Cheshire, she told Manchester Evening  News at the time. “I’m very flexible, I can put two legs behind my head, and if she can do that, she can come meet me. I think it was very unfair and I feel very hurt.”

However, the mother-of-three was not backing down from her original statement. “Yes I think she is more [of] a fit for Geordie Shore than a Cheshire .... Real house wife,” said Magali at that time as she shared her response with her fans via her official Facebook page, sharing screenshots of Ester's article.

For nearly two years, the two have been beefing but it looks like they came face-to-face as Magali and Ester finally ended their feud and confirmed it via Instagram.

"First time meeting @magaligorre ☄️😯 We laughed, we argued, we made up! 👀💃💃💃 The Cheshire Style ❤️🙏🏻 #rhocheshire #😉," Ester wrote on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Ester Dee's Instagram

As for Magali, she shared Ester's photo and broke down how the two met, got into it and how they made up. "#magaliworld ☝🏽 first meeting @esterdee you waved very enthusiastic to me 😳
I gave you the cold shoulder. And I saw you talking to the ladies about me  I walked up to you and told you and the ladies why I don’t want to say hi to you ! ☝🏽⚡️ and you will never forget our first meeting too 🙈....COULD be BEST EPISODE OF #rhoch series 9 🎬🎥📺,"she explained via her Instagram page.

You cried and walked off to the toilet, I went to the toilet later and we 🔥🌪⚡️💥 #arguments #shouting #yousaidthat." she continued, "And yes now we good ! 🤗 If toilets 🚽 in Cheshire could talk 🤣"

She added: "Good to clear the air life is to short and #esterdee knows #dontmesswithmagali"

During our exclusive interview with Magali late last month, she hinted to us about some behind-the-scenes drama with a certain cast member - was it Ester? " There is a lot going on off-camera and I'm not ready to clear it up just yet, but the time will come. I am grateful that my fans have my back and at the moment that's good enough for me," she told iRealHousewives. "I can look in the mirror and face myself, and I'm proud of myself because I know the truth - they always say: the truth will set you free...and I'm free, there are no demons in my closet."

She added: "I know one thing, if I reveal what has been going on (and I have all the proof) this person will be seen differently - and I'm happy that I'm not two-faced, but this person is. I couldn't believe what was going on, until saw the proof sent by fans to me for myself - I'm still shocked and disgusted by it to be fair."

Are you happy to see that Ester and Magali are in a better place now? Would you like to see them become besties in Season 9? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: ITVBe