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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Magali Gorré!

I recently had to opportunity to interview Magali Gorré from The Real Housewives of Cheshire! Magali is a mother-of-three, a footballer wife, an author and an original cast member of the ITVBe hit reality series. Magali talks to us exclusively as she spills the tea about life after RHOCheshire, where she stands today with her former cast members, future projects and much more. Read out exclusive interview with Magali Gorré below!

How were you approached to join The Real Housewives of Cheshire?
MG: It was so funny - by social media. I thought it was a joke at first! I already had 20,000 followers because I had already achieved many things in Holland on TV, and was columnist for high profile magazines, I had done interviews with big celebrities and was writing cover stories for Grazia, and for the the biggest newspaper in Holland; I wrote about my life in the football world, and my FIRST column was like Instagram which had never been done before. INSTAGRAM DIDN'T EXIST.

It was my career, as well as profile as a Cheshire football wife is how the producers were aware of me - so that's the story of how they approached me...and the rest as they say is history!

Were you a fan of the franchise prior to joining the show?
MG: To be fair yes. I wrote two books about my life as a football wife, so I love things about women who are living a life, which is not quite “normal”. This all goes in combination with some ego’s and people being opinionated which is perfect for drama and does not make for a boring haha...something quite recognizable in my world.

How would you describe your first experience on doing reality television?
MG: Intense! And it was also quite special, something which was very exciting - I never been so much into makeup, as well as being busy deciding what to wear. I had no game, no plan - nothing to sell or to promote - I was always me, even with these type of women around me.

My husband described me perfectly: I'm like all four seasons of the weather, you can have them all from me in one day.

RHOCheshire Season 1 Promo, Credit: ITVBe

We understand you left the series after two seasons to focus on your family and to take time to grief your father's passing - was that a difficult decision to make?
MG: No it wasn’t at all. We discussed it with the production company, and the door was always open - they then went on to start filming with three others ladies. Because I was not treated that well off camera by some of the women from the show, I really couldn't have cared less and didn’t want to think about them at all.

When you are grieving, you need love and support, you need a positive vibe and not jealousy or negativity around you. I have lived in Cheshire, England for 20 years and I have no extended family here, just people I know. During the testing times of your life, you wonder, do these people really know you? When your closest family needs you, that's reality and that’t what counts the most.

I'm an oldest sister and a mother of three big boys, and trust me… a lot happened off camera which was not aired; the cameras stopped but the drama kept going haha! I probably could not have coped emotionally with travelling to Holland, grieving and helping my mother with the loss and to prepare for a life without dad. We all needed love and each other. If I stayed on the show, I probably would have ended up in all kinds of trouble for really shutting some people down, not holding back to reacting to their nonsense haha!

During your time on the show, you feuded mostly with Leanne Brown and Dawn Ward. How is your relationship with them now?!
MG: We had a good relationship before we started filming the show. GOSH I laughed so hard with Leanne, we danced till our feet were blue, I even went to Leanne’s wedding - but after we filmed two series, unfortunately I saw a very nasty side of Leanne Brown.

Our fights were real and believe me, I actually held back and I did this because I genuinely cared about her, though she didn’t care about me so there is no relationship even though I forgave her, but I'm OK.

Dawn Ward is the infamous Dawn…she fights, she swears, she is rude, she is mean, she gets really nasty, and then she realizes life's too short and wants to forget it all! I'm all good, and I agree that life is indeed too short. Leanne hurt me the most because we had never ever had a single fight before - It was not right, but it's not okay...I'm gonna make it anyway!! (in Whitney Houston voice)

RHOCheshire Season 2 Promo, Credit: ITVBe

What are your thoughts on Dawn and Leanne fall out?
MG: Well, it was a fall out after 15 years of tight friendship and it was painful to watch. In the press we got the full story, and a lot more was more said than what was shown on TV. I think as the viewer you want to know it all and experience the reality even when things get ugly, but from the show alone, it was not really made clear to me. I know it's all about money and that's root of all evil, I believe friends and money should never ever mix either.

We know in your native country you wrote some books, any plans on releasing one in English?
MG: Yes, I'm thinking about it more and more. I have a book deal in Holland, but think I'm ready for a English one - as more and more opportunities come my way, my fans need to know the complete #MagaliWorld, never a dull moment

Congrats on your wedding anniversary. If we recall, during Season 2 you renewed your vows on the show. What that your favorite moment from doing the show?
MG: Thank you so much! When we were filming with my family was great - we started opening up more and showed how we are all such different characters. We are family, family is never perfect, but blood is thicker than anything. Buying the dress, enjoying the venue, family flew over and feeling the love in Series 2 is definitely my favourite moment.

25 years is a blessing we made it. I also found it quite funny how I went in on Dawn on occasions haha...gosh, I guess I can be a witch as well and say what I want when someone comes for me!

Magali's vow renewal in Season 2, Credit: ITVBe

Which Real Housewives stars do you relate to the most?
MG: I think Kyle Richards (RHOBH) family drama. She has a big family and is also a dog lover, she has nice friends off camera and wants to do somethings for herself, but is a loyal wife and devoted mother.

I love her style of her home and she has a opinion which she voices, but she does not like to go to bed with any bad feeling. Kyle can agree to disagree that's for sure, and if she needs to be the bigger person then she probably will - I really admire and can relate to that.

If you could join any other Real Housewives city, which one would it be and why?!
MG: New York - definitely that one! I have always lived in big cities, and New York is similar in ways to Amsterdam, in my native country of Holland. I love a busy lifestyle, and I also love the buildings and interiors - I think it would be quite cool to live in a duplex loft  apartment in NYC. I also have family all over the world, including New York and they all do interesting things such as acting, dancing, sports, singing and music and modelling - after visiting the city, I'm sure I left a bit of my heart there.

Have you made any friendships with other housewives from other cities? If so, who?
MG: Yes! I'm good with many of them, last time I was invited to Jill Zarin's party - I am also FRIENDLY with Kelly Bensimon, Siggy Flicker and Yolanda Hadid.

Yolanda is dutch and that's something we  both bonded on, and she is friends with my cousin wives Doutzen, whose a supermodel and a Victoria secret model. Other ladies who I am cool with are Kyle Richards, Lea Black, Leanne Locken, Gina Liano, Chyka Keebaugh, Jackie Gillies, Petitfleur Berenger, Roxy Earle and Kelly Dodd.

RHOCheshire Season 1 Tagline, Credit: ITVBe

Looking back during your time on the show, what's has been your biggest regret and why?
MG: I took it too personal and got emotional about things at times, but also I wish I didn’t hold back so much as I did, which is a regret. And I have self-spot. I can laugh very hard about myself . Also, I would have loved to show the viewers and the Housewives MY LIFE in Amsterdam or Rotterdam when I was ready to come back and then you could seen how good I’m organizing things. I make it nice like Dorinda haha. But when I come back it WILL BE FOR MY LOYAL FANS it will be BIG FUNNY FIERY “guess who is back” LOL IT WILL BE ENTERTAINING I DON'T NEED TO SWEAR. Magali’s Monday LOL

What are your thoughts on the new cast members Hanna and Perla?
MG: I have not seen that much, but it seems Hanna is having a hard time, though she is who she is and I like that and she has brains. She has just moved to Cheshire and is living the life, she lives in a apartment close where I live with her fiancé, who I know.

On my Youtube channel 'Magali World' where I recap the show for Manchester Evening Newspaper, I did respond to what Hanna said about 'women in Cheshire walking around with Valentino shoes and Gucci bags who have never worked in their lives.' I was shocked, because here in Cheshire the women can do what they have the luxury to do what they want: they can work, not work and still living the life - here it's old money and new money which allows women to have that freedom either way. The girls will wear the Valentino shoes and Gucci bags because they can and it's all about a certain lifestyle which is glamorous, but also about free will and privilege. Hannah is from Bolton, but this is the Real Housewives of Cheshire for a reason, it's not a series in Bolton - maybe it's just something she hasn't gotten her head around just yet.

With Perla, I cannot quite figure her out - she is NAMED fiery and is also zen with her yoga, she has a plant-based diet and her husband works in the meat industry? There are a lot of double negatives would be good to sit and have a chat with her to learn more because

 I am just fascinated by it all...!

Credit: ITVBe

What are your thoughts on the current seasons?
MG: I think the storylines are a bit dull - a lot of women, but they are all saying the same thing ..I like a bit more depth and more fun, in my time it was different. Also the fall out from the Dawn and Leanne drama has made things still awkward and painful to watch.

Compared to other Real Housewives cities, I think the focus should go back to what its about: selling a lifestyle, and not always promoting yourself or your business. The ladies, need to sit back and enjoy the champagne properly like we did before.

Do you feel cheated out that the first two seasons didn’t get a reunion and you didn’t get the opportunity to clear the air with some of your former cast members?
MG: YES! I'm very very disappointed about that, the reunion is where you can say everything out loud and clear, apologize, agree and not agree, or agree to disagree. 50 mins of air time in which is an edited version shown to the viewers, sometimes more clarification and explanation.

 A reunion is the best way to clear the air and start over, or know where you stand with the women. For some reason there was no reunion for series 2 which is odd, but when I signed my contract, it  said you will always be able to have your say on a reunion show. Even when we filmed and it became heated, they told us to calm down as we will have our say on the reunion. I never ever was able to have my say and that's why my fans always asking me questions. Yes, I can fight my battles hard and I can be argumentative because I have strong opinions, but I also forgive and none of that has ever been shown - people always comment on how nice I am when they meet me in person. If you nice, I’m nice haha! IF YOU NOT NICE YOU WILL HEAR IT

Would you ever consider coming back if asked to return?
MG: If the time is right, I could consider it. At the ITV gala, people who work on TV came up to me telling me they were fans and it was very touching, I couldn't believe that they had nicknamed the show 'Magali’s Monday'. People shouting your name on the red carpet by fans that and told me they go to each others houses to watch the Real Housewives while drinking champagne.

When fans discus my heated conversations, people agree and support me, shouting 'YOU TELL HER MAGALI', I am told often that they miss that and me. Even you can feel alone on the set off camera I had BIG support! I made people shout and people talk the next day, even up to now people want me back and it makes my heart warm because I was shouting a lot on the show - not always something to be proud of, plus I threw my expensive shoe at a door haha. I cried and slammed my hand on the table but I also renewed my vows and those episodes were the best- the public still talks about it when they see me and that encourages me to want to return. I am a natural leader, I also represent women of color, check the hashtag #BringMagaliBack on twitter, that says it all and I am really touched.

Magali's RHOCheshire Season 2 Intro, Credit: ITVBe

What’s the biggest misconception about doing reality television and doing the show?
MG: People think it's all easy money, easy fame, glamour and easy arguments that will be all over in the next minute. But to hear lies about you is hurtful, and people who cross you by fighting other people's battles just to be relevant on TV by sacrificing you, made me so mad. I've never been drunk...and there is a lot of alcohol and a lot of waiting around so you get tired with the long hours filming every day, it's not easy and I'm not an actress. I would then come home and have to take my son to football or make a meal, my family time. I had parents meetings at school, or was hearing that my sister was having another operation and my parents were worried again HOW COULD I TOLD THEM HOW BAD I FELT AFTER FINDING OUT THAT LEANNE FILMED ME ON THE TRAIN WHEN MY DAD WAS IN INTENSIVE CARE - I didn't have it easy on or off set, and then you realize this is why I was so upset. The women you work with don't know whats going on at home.

I was in 3 different worlds all at the same time: the real world, the football world and the world of Real Housewives, and this also went on when the camera stopped filming. Don't forget, I didn't film in the Jungle or in a house and come out of it . They filmed my entire life, my home, where I shopped through to going out to dinners and parties, you can lose touch of reality in the reality industry.

Do you still keep in touch with any of your former co-stars?
MG: We're on good enough terms yes...but even as we are speaking. no. I'm too busy in the 'Real off-camera' world of Cheshire with my own life. Nothing changed for me really. However, I know who is who now.

Can you tell you’re fans what are you doing these days besides being a proud mother and wife - plus any tips you would like to share when going on those luxurious trips?
MG: I'm working on a very special project and soon I will be able to reveal it all, so watch this space. My husband is the National Team Manager of Suriname which means I fly a lot to South America, my son just moved to Portugal so I'm doing a lot of short flights there too, not to mention my family are in Holland and Curacao and Aruba.

So if you travel a lot like me, be prepared. My top tip is look after you skin, make sure the night before you do a nice hydrating face mask - also treat your neck, hands and entire body to a thick moisturizing cream which smells nice, so you will feel soft and smell lovely on the plane.

I always wear something cosy too: I Iove loungewear and cashmere socks...oh and wear a blazer over it all, you need to look ready for an upgrade too, and not too dressed down for the airport lounges.

Take a good bag for all your personal stuff, and carry a beach bag over your designer bag so it doesn't get marked to make sure you arrive in style. I make sure my nails and hair are done before I travel, because it's not always easy to find a good salon when at your destination...and if I have a very long flight, I book myself a body massage by arrival in the hotel. No suffering of jet lag for me, leaving me fresh to enjoy the trip.

Speaking of you're son, congratulations on your son’s recent success on his football career. How do you feel about your sons are following their dad’s footsteps?!
MG: I met Dean he was 18 years old, at the start of his career and I was there at the end of his career too. Being a mother of a professional footballer is different experience - I'm a proud football mum, and I have so much respect for football parents because it is not easy. As a parent, you bring and take them to training/matches from a young age, you wait, you cheer, you cry for them and you feel their pain...thankfully he won a lot so I had lot to cheer about. It's a hard world and they are judged only as good as their last game - being the son of a successful footballer is not easy as you have a lot to live up to, and you can only do this career til you're 35 years if you're lucky.

Anything you would like to clear up on any topic(s) during or since your time on the show?
MG: There is a lot going on off-camera and I'm not ready to clear it up just yet, but the time will come. I am grateful that my fans have my back and at the moment that's good enough for me.

I can look in the mirror and face myself, and I'm proud of myself because I know the truth - they always say: the truth will set you free...and I'm free, there are no demons in my closet. I know one thing, if I reveal what has been going on (and I have all the proof) this person will be seen differently - and I'm happy that I'm not two-faced, but this person is. I couldn't believe what was going on, until saw the proof sent by fans to me for myself - I'm still shocked and disgusted by it to be fair.

RHOCheshire Season 1 Promo, Credit: Bravo

Would we ever see you in any other reality shows in the near future?
MG: Oh, I should have my own show haha...people say that all the time. And I think I'm a reality woman. There is so much happening in my life, but they are also deep meaningful things, none of these nonsense storylines. The only thing that has held me back, is that I'm not quite sure if my whole family is into it, because to share your life with the world is not easy; we don’t play act or try to play a game for the cameras, we are all quite real...let's see what the future holds.

Any future projects that your working on?
MG: Attending some great events, doing meet and greets and PRs. I have been doing work on empowering Women in Business - people have paid me to come to the Hilton Hotel just to hear me speak which made me feel so special, so I will continue to do more of that. I am also supporting some humanitarian and charity projects at the moment, as well as doing a few of my own business ventures which are all over the world. Of course, I will continue with my Youtube channel this space, you never know in #MagaliWorld

Anything you would like to add to this interview?
MG: Now that I look back, I realize just how much I represented women of color and that is a very special role. I had people crying filled with emotion, because they were overjoyed that I represent a strong black woman having a successful life - we certainly do not have enough representation, especially on TV. I'm far from perfect, but I'm real and my heart is in the right place.

As someone born and raised in Europe, from a mixed family, I'm proud that I got the opportunity to represent women of color on this show. We have a mixed race member of the British Royal Family now, You know in Holland there is a princess and her name is Magali. My name is not very common in Holland. In Holland, I was the only Magali on TV or in Magazines.

Ok princess Magali is a white princess but it's funny. I wear my invisible crown all day long so I'm very hopeful for what the future holds and I will always stand up for equality and what's right.

Anything you would like to say to your fans?
MG: I appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart - every day I hear from people missing me and that they want me back on the show...EVERY DAY! My fans make me smile and make me feel proud of who I am - to hear I inspire people or they love that I say it like it is means a lot! Sometimes

I cannot reply to you all, but please don't stop because you will hear from me one day and I really do feel the love. Thank you so much for being Team return you should know that I will always be Team You. Magali Gorré x

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