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LeeAnne Locken: “Watching Dee GAS LIGHT Brandi Is Completely Sad!”

LeeAnne Locken is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. LeeAnne Locken reacts to Mama Dee's conversation with Brandi Redmond and slams D'Andra Simmons.

LeeAnne writes:

"Welcome back to the Sexy South where parading around in our lingerie in public is completely acceptable, LOL.

As we open with my preliminary shopping for a wedding dress, I want to comment how incredibly sad it was to watch Brandi on Watch What Happens Live call out Stephanie for coming dress shopping with me after only knowing me a few weeks. I understand that it makes Brandi highly uncomfortable for Stephanie to be friends with me, but that is something she should address with either Stephanie directly or with a licensed therapist. If we don’t give each other the opportunity to grow and get to know one another on our own terms then we aren’t being AUTHENTIC friends! Thank you Stephanie for taking time out of your schedule to be there with me. I truly appreciated it! Not gonna lie, the cape made me feel AMAZING!!! I have never imagined what it would be like to look at wedding dresses and this totally made my whole day just GIDDY! I felt like a princess in every dress and that is the way a woman should feel on the day she marries her prince!

I did invite D’Andra to come dress shopping and 30 minutes before the appointment she sent a text saying she simply couldn’t rearrange her day to accommodate me. I honestly was really fine with her not being there because I want only POSITIVE ENERGY around my wedding. Actually, I am at the point where I am demanding only positive energy and people be around any part of the wedding planning! If you had asked me a year ago who would have gone shopping with me, D’Andra would have been one of the first people I named. It’s sad how times have changed!

Let me CLARIFY THE TRUTH about what Dee Simmons said to her daughter in their office...Dee is LYING! Let’s go back to last week's footage and watch again. NEVER DID I SAY to Dee “I am really worried about D’Andra being an ALCOHOLIC!” That is a BOLD FACED LIE! It saddens me to see a woman of this age resorting to lying when she genuinely doesn’t have to! What everyone saw was me expressing my CONCERNS because I was ASKED to give them! Who wanted to go sit down and talk? Dee! Who asked how things were going? Dee! I have used the word “alcoholic” ONE TIME this year, and that is why it is the only flashback you ever see! #TRUTH

Now to D’Andra, why would I need to do a “one upper” on you? What the hell is a “one upper”? You have spent this whole season LOOKING for a reason to fight with me. WHY?? What is it that fighting with me brings you? Happiness? I have not done one thing this year with malicious intent towards you. It is a damn shame that you and your mother can’t say the same!

D’Andra's text was read by me in the tone I knew she sent it. She has told me she thinks Stephanie’s style is not good, so it was easy for me to SEE the insult in her verbiage. The fact that Kam and I are sitting here expressing how much D’Andra's behavior has changed towards us is the only part that conversation I want to address. At this point we were both lost and confused by someone we both thought we knew so well. I no longer care about D'Andra’s behavior or if she embarrasses the other people in this city who have the last name her mother married into! People ALWAYS TALK in Dallas! 

Dee telling D’Andra how to stop the conversation with Jimmy and Kameron is PRICELESS because if I had ACTUALLY called her daughter an alcoholic, she would have ENDED our conversation IMMEDIATELY! #BUSTED

Sidebar - I could not go to the Mural Reveal because I had committed to another huge event that night months earlier, which is why Rich made sure to go to represent us both during the unveiling. I did, however, show up AFTER the unveiling only to hear from everyone outside how D’Andra had been talking shit about ME all night! Thanks girl!

Back to the Simmons-Lock BS...WHEN did Kameron say Jimmy was the “Grande Dam” of Dallas?? Because I am pretty sure if she would have said it we all would have seen it. This OVER THE TOP EXAGGERATION about what is actually said HAS TO STOP! It is basically telling BLATANT LIES!

D’Andra saying this event at Jack Retro is a HUGE DEAL for her but knowing that she NEVER said "Thank you, LeeAnne, for setting it up" makes me nauseous!

Dee Simmons: “I tell you what, she (D’Andra) comes back hurt and everybodys gonna wish they were dead!” LMAO.

And OMG here we go again. “It was like her head twisted off and she was Jekyll and Hyde,” is a nice way to describe your friend Kameron, girl! THIS again is that EXAGGERATION I keep talking about! How can anyone believe what you are saying when you are constantly EMBELLISHING every story?? When Cary says, “You can be a real bitch!” to D’Andra, I died laughing! Cary is actually being honest right to D’Andra's face but she never picks up on it! 

Now lets get to this trip! D’Andra doesn’t want to go on this trip because she doesn’t want to “sit and listen to this bullshit for five days,” which then, if I can quote D’Andra...her head spins around and Jekyll becomes Hyde and says, “We are going on this trip for Cary!” OMG! Do you EVER LISTEN to yourself? It was ALL ABOUT YOU when you started this conversation. Now you are trying to convince Cary that Kamron and I are going to ruin the trip for her, too?

Now let’s get to some TRUTH! Did you notice when my wedding planner, Steve Kemble, tried to get Dee and I to talk about what’s going on, ALL Dee said was, “What you said to me, LeeAnne, was that you were worried because she and Brandi were drinking.” YUP! There it is folks. The truth at last. Did you hear her tell me I called anyone an alcoholic?? NOPE! Because it’s not true! How pissed does she get when Cary comes over to get my attention? That look was PRICELESS!! LOL.

Does anyone else ever get tired of D’Andra TELLING EVERYONE how and who she is? “I’m direct! I don’t mince words!” REALLY?? No, you just twist them in to unrecognizable phrases that were never said! Rich has always told me that if someone has to TELL YOU something about themselves, then they are probably lying, because a REAL PERSON just shows you!

Watching Dee GAS LIGHT Brandi is completely sad! I feel bad for Brandi in this situation being used like a pawn! Now let me address the truth about the LAW in the sate of Texas about adoption. NO MATTER WHAT is said on television, it would NOT affect the adoption process! At the time of this episode airing, Brandi had completed the adoption process and Bruin is peacefully happy in his forever home with his family! 

Watching Stephanie and Travis renew their vows made me cry! To see how much genuine love exists between them 10 years later inspires me to believe that love can last forever when you work for it! 

I understand why Cary found it easy to believe what Dee said is true, but it’s also sad to know that letting this word come out of my mouth ONE TIME has cost me so much. Once again, a massive lesson learned and the heartfelt and genuine apology to Brandi is coming! Now can we just talk about “butt sex”??? Sorry Steph! I had to! LOLOL"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo