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Journey’s Neal Schon Is Helping His Wife Michaele Schon Battle In Court To Gain Conservatorship Of Her Mother Over Alleged Elderly Abuse Claims!

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Neal Schon from the legendary rock band Journey is helping his wife, former Real Housewives of D.C. star Michaele Schon gain conservatorship over her mother, Rosemary Holt and plan to take her out of a facility where they feel she is being given insufficient care.

Rosemary recently fell in the parking lot and was hospitalized. During the hospitalization, the hospital made the decision to release her and file to appoint a temporary guardian, (a lawyer connected to the hospital) to handle her care, and admitted her to an assisted living facility, reports the outlet.

Michaele claims she wasn’t involved in the decision to leave her mother, and says that since being admitted she is now being held against her will and has developed severe medical issues. Included in the filing, Michaele claims her mother developed an sacral wound on her back that caused her to become delirious.

The documents, filed by attorney Troy Martin, ask that the Schons take over full control of Rosemary’s personal decisions and her estate. Neal and Michaele claim it has gotten so bad that she is “in a substandard and dangerous assisted living facility,” and claim “She has suffered lacerations and contusions at this facility. She is being denied dental care which has resulted in severe dental problems.”

The couple attached graphic photographic evidence of the injuries and sores, and also included photos of the 91-year old Rosemary sleeping upright in a chair and appearing to be in pain while laying on a couch. They say, “She is so uncomfortable in her room, she frequently sleeps on the couches or chairs in the lobby.”

Michaele also says her mother was diagnosed with dementia by the hospital, but they believe she was just dimerous from the wound, and cannot express the severity of the situation. In seeking to become a guardian, Michaele also explains she and Neal want to move Rosemary out to California.

The couple claim they’ve already been paying for Rosemary’s expenses and care, and have recently purchased her a home where they will pay the full cost of hiring a nurse and provide constant care. However, the other members of Michaele’s family are supportive of Rosemary staying in the Virginia assisted living facility, reports The Blast.

Meanwhile, Michaele took to Instagram to address the topic. “Please continue to pray for mom as we filed for her safety in California to protect her from the Virginia Court Million Dollar Elderly Business and Dysfunctional Siblings who fight to make her suffer in this assisted living while we fund all her care and the demand of Us do it for they threaten they will send her somewhere worse,” she wrote.

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“My God what has happened to humanity ?! People should help one another not hurt .
You have to call out abuse
So it stops .
“Me too”
Is in all
Walks of life.
Enough Abuse”

Then she names her family members who according to her are allegedly keeping her mother hostage.

Source/Photo Credit: The Blast, Getty Images