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Porsha Williams Fiancé Dennis McKinley Accused Of Being A ‘Fraud,’ ‘Crook’ And A ‘Thief’ By Ex-Girlfriend’s Daughter — Plus Legal Drama With Ex Revealed!

While Porsha Williams is living her best moment of her life after announcing that she's expecting her first child with Dennis McKinley. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star then announced her engagement to McKinley earlier this month.

However, new alleged allegations against McKinley has been revealed. Jamecia Simmons, daughter of Dennis’s ex-girlfriend Shanise Thomason, alleges Dennis physically abused her mother during their relationship, while also accusing him of being a “fraud” and a “crook,” in a now deleted Instagram post.

“I have been quiet the whole time McKinley since my mom @hairbyaoki has been in this lawsuit with you but you will not lie & make her look bad. All this fakeness to get on TV. You ain’t nothing but a fraud, crook & a thief. You out [here] holding Porsha stomach in pics but the whole time my mom was pregnant by you, you jumped on her and beat on her. Am I lying McKinley?”

She continued, “All the hurt you caused my mom, I will never forgive you!!! You asked my mom to be your business partner in Queen Virgin Remy because you didn’t have the money to start it, then you go & lie & take it from us. I finished school early to help build it & this is what you do? You put your name as the sole owner knowing you didn’t even have the money or even a car to get around in.”

Then, she accuses Dennis of using Porsha for fame. “You have been trying to get on TV the longest, that’s why you tried to settle with my mom before the show aired but everything you have done to people is gonna come out!!! You are the DEVIL & your karma is about to come back around.”

Meanwhile, Radar Online reported earlier this month that McKinley was involved in a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend before evicting her from their home.

According to court papers obtained from the Northern District of Georgia, McKinley sued Thomason for “trademark infringement, conversion and other wrongful acts” in regards to his Queen Virgin Remy company, which is a hair weave and extension line.

McKinley accused his ex, who he claimed had no “ownership rights or interests in Queen Virgin Remy” of stealing Queen Virgin Remy inventory from a retail store in Columbus, Georgia on February 9, 2015.

“Defendant Thomason entered the Queen Virgin Remy retail store in Columbus and unlawfully took Queen Virgin Remy hair products from the store without paying,” the complaint filed on May 8, 2015 read. “Thomason entered into the Columbus store with a large black trash bag Opens a New Window. . She walked behind the front counter of the store and opened the door to the store’s stock room. She removed hair products inventory from storage bins and placed them into the black trash bag and left the store with the black trash bag filled with Queen Virgin Remy hair products.

Dennis claimed Shanise stole $5,900 worth of merchandise, which is 67 percent of the store’s inventory. Thomason filed a police report. He claimed Thomason evaded arrested by saying that she “shared ownership” of the store. She later turned herself in on February 25, 2015. The Columbus Police Department charged her with shoplifting.

He also accused Thomason of using the Queen Virgin Remy trade name and brand logo to “promote and market herself and her own business ventures in a way that is misleading and confusing to members of the public.”

At the time of the filing, he claimed he has not recovered the property Thomason allegedly stole, reported the outlet. He asked the court grant him a temporary restraining order to prevent “continuation of wrongful conduct.” The court granted the temporary restraining order.

In Thomason’s answer and counterclaim, she alleged that she is co-owner of Queen Virgin Remy and is therefore entitled to use the trademark. She denied the shoplifting allegations against her and accused McKinley of initiating the charges maliciously and falsely. In her counterclaim, Shanise claimed they met when he was “selling hair from the back of a vehicle through Craigslist.”


“In June 2012, Counterclaim Defendant McKinley proposed to Ms. Thomason that they open a storefront hair extension business in Atlanta,” her counterclaim read. “Ms. Thomason and McKinley agreed to become partners in the Queen Virgin Remy business in the summer of 2012.”

Thomason agreed to provide the start-up capital for the business, as she claimed he did not have the financial resources. They allegedly agreed to a 50/50 partnership in which he would equally share the profits from the Queen Virgin Remy business.

She accused him of registering the company with him as the sole member in August 2012 without her knowledge.

“McKinley also did not include Ms. Thomason on other company documents for their business, was all done in violation of their partnership agreements,” the filing read. In McKinley’s answer to the counterclaim, he admitted to discussing the possibility of joining separate businesses under a single storefront in Atlanta.

“This idea never materialized beyond initial discussions, and McKinley and Thomason continued with their separate businesses, with McKinley later operating his first storefront business for Queen Virgin Remy and Thomason opening a new location in Buckhead Atlanta for her EgoXtensions business,” the court papers read.

On July 16, 2018, the two agreed upon a confidential settlement. Thomason is permanently prohibited from using now or in the future and must discontinue all uses of Queen Virgin Remy.

Before McKinley filed the lawsuit, he requested Thomason be evicted from his apartment on February 21, 2014, according to Radar Online.

“[Thomason] holds the premises over and beyond the term for which they were allowed to stay,” the court papers obtained from Magistrate Court of Fulton County read. “A written request to leave the premises was provided to the defendant on or around January 10, 2014.” She was evicted on April 29, 2014.

Photo Credit: Bravo