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Kelly Dodd Teases Future RHOC Drama: “This Is Just The Calm Before The Storm!”

Kelly Dodd is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly Dodd teases future RHOC drama and talks about her friendship with Shannon Beador.

Kelly writes:

"Jolie really took a liking to the Someone Cares Kitchen the last time we went, so I was so happy that she wanted to go back and make it a regular commitment. I don't know what I did to raise such a great kid! She has the biggest heart, and I am happy that everyone gets to see it. My hope is that she never loses this sense of compassion. It's really amazing the things you don't take the time to realize about yourself until you're alone. It never even occurred to me that I had never taught Jolie how to clean! Life with Michael was so comfortable I think we became set in our ways. We always had house cleaners, and it wasn't even something I thought about. Splitting up has really brought me back to basics and has been eye opening. I'm beginning to remember who I was and what life was like before I was married, and I think it's been such an upside to this whole divorce experience.

I feel for Gina going through her divorce. We've all been there. Sometimes little things trigger emotions we didn't realize we had. I know that scary feeling of not knowing what it's going to be like to be alone. Emily's giving good advice: a clean break is for the best. I think Gina will be shocked at how liberated she feels being independent.

When it comes to Shannon and the new girls, I really see both sides. Shannon is really busy navigating her divorce, spending time with her kids, starting her new career with QVC, and losing weight. She's got a lot going on! Maybe she feels like she doesn't have much in common with Emily and Gina and feels she is too busy to make new friends. I get it, and I know the feeling. On the other hand, I also know how Emily and Gina feel, because I felt the same way for two years! Trust me. Even to this day, I feel like Shannon leaves me out with her "tres amigas." It used to be "core four!" But you know what? I've decided to just let them have their little A.A.R.P. group, and I'll have my own fun. Life is too short to let these women hurt my feelings.

Shannon and I have the most fun one on one. In the group dynamic, everything shifts a little and can become heated or awkward. Just wait until Jamaica...If you think things have been a little too peaceful in the O.C., this is just the calm before the storm!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo