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Janet Roach Says RHOMelbourne Is “Coming Soon” And Gamble Breaux Reveals What She Hopes To See In Season 5!

This week, Janet Roach shared details about the future of The Real Housewives of Melbourne via social media. The blonde bombshell took to her Instagram post's comment section in one of her recent posts where she responded to fans if the Foxtel hit reality series was returning for a fifth season.

Roach teased that the show was "coming soon." When asked if the show was returning, she responded with a thumps up emoji.

"Not sure. Start filming next year again! X," Roach replied to a fan when asked when filming will begin.

Meanwhile, Gamble Breaux took to Twitter in September and revealed that she wasn't sure when the show was returning but she shared what she hoped to see in Season 5.

"Only God and @Foxtel know if there will be a S5 #RHOMelbourne @RHOMelbourne My vide is Cast contracts January Shooting February Overseas Trip USA and first male housewife. What do you think?," wrote Gamble.

Would you guys like to see RHOMelbourne return for a fifth season? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Foxtel