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D’Andra Simmons To LeeAnne Locken: “You Wrote The Book On Being A Mean Girl, So You Might As Well Own It”

D’Andra Simmons is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. D’Andra Simmons talks about her confrontation with Kameron Westcott and says LeeAnne Locken is the "queen of bullying."

D'Andra writes:

"Hey, y’all!

Well this week certainly put me through some Hard Nights and not very many Good Mornings! Let’s review, shall we?

I have to say, my husband totally stole the show! A lot of my favorite memories, and ALL of my favorite photos, come from working with my husband, Jeremy. Jeremy is the only seven-time award winning military photographer in the world! The fact that I am married to him and he is happy to do photoshoots for me and for my business is such a blessing! He is worth every penny and sexual favor! Ha! Ha! Jeremy’s calmness and sound advice always makes me feel better. I am thankful to have such a supportive husband in every aspect of my life.

Of course, we can’t get through one episode without LeeAnne’s crocodile tears! While I am working on bettering my business so I can build up my bank account (like LeeAnne so nicely suggested I do), she is gossiping about me to Kameron and Cary, yet again! LeeAnne points out to Cary that her life with Rich is nobody’s business, but she sure pointed out the holes in Cary and Mark’s relationship last year? Duplicitous much?

Speaking of that, kudos to Cary for how gracious she has been to LeeAnne lately. If someone accused my husband of cheating on me with other men for two years, and then was screaming in my face about how unfair it is that her own relationship was being scrutinized, I just don’t think I could be that kind. How does Cary do it? Karma is a bitch, and you can thank me later, Cary.

I would like to point out some obvious takeaways from the Elizabeth W event. LeeAnne says that I said she and Rich lead separate lives at Cary’s event last week, when in fact I said it on the bench at Greenville Ave, when we met privately two weeks ago! I NEVER said her relationship is fake---that is a LIE! Also, once again I would like to point out that I was NOT DRUNK at the charity event she and Kameron keep referring to. I was driving! I would never drive my car if I was intoxicated, so let me get this STRAIGHT ONCE AND FOR ALL and put it to bed! She and Kameron are both LYING about this. As my husband pointed out, Brandi and I have had ONE LUNCH together this entire year!

And, while we are pointing out drunken behavior, it is clear that LeeAnne has had more than one drink when she goes on her tirade at the Elizabeth W event that Kameron is hosting...she looks pretty inebriated to me -- that’s obvious! Kameron neglected an opportunity to chastise her for bad behavior. How interesting! And LeeAnne is back to her old ways of threatening people. The old LeeAnne is rearing its ugly head. I guess the meditation bowl has rung its last soothing sound and is out the window. Old habits die hard. I love the way LeeAnne says that everything comes out in the wash. That’s right, and her extensions are clearly seeing their last days, just you wait! And, as for bullying, it takes one to know one, so, yes, she is an authority on that. She is a Queen all right…the Queen of Bullying! Girls are mean, LeeAnne, you are damn right on that one, and you wrote the book on being a mean girl, so you might as well own it!

It was so touching to see Stephanie and Travis talk about renewing their vows. I loved their sweet talk on the couch. It is so apparent that they really love one another and are committed to making their marriage a priority. I am looking forward to seeing the ceremony. At least there will be one wedding this season!

LeeAnne can defend her accusations that I am an alcoholic all she wants, but I see right through all that hot water at the cooking party! The fact that she is explaining away those comments to Cary and Kameron, then in the exact same sentence refers to Brandi and me as “alcoholics” makes me dizzy. She just can’t stop! She even brings my mother into it by, once again, masking her gossip and lies as concern. The only thing LeeAnne got right was that “blood is thicker than water.” Preach on sister, you might want to remember that when you are gossiping to my mother about me!

And, while we are talking about concern, it seemed like everyone at this party was VERY concerned about me. So, let’s discuss real concern and FAKE news. When Jimmy and Kameron sat me down at my mother’s best friend Marian’s lake house, I was taken completely by surprise. If you noticed, I barely said anything back to Jimmy. Since Jimmy is my elder, it is not appropriate that I question her unless it is done completely in private, and even then with kid gloves. I have the right to defend myself, but not in this setting.

What upset me most about Kameron and Jimmy’s little table talk actually was more about Kameron than about me. How sad it must be to be 35 years old, have your own business, a husband and two children of your own, and still have to be told whom you can and can’t be friends with. My mother and I are extremely close and she is a big part of my life, but she has never told me who I am allowed to have as a friend.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but we all know it CAN control you if you let it. Trust me, I have been there and I am the first one to admit it. This year has been about me freeing myself from that control, and all of the expectations that come with it. I would rather live as my authentic self and be ostracized by people who are in self-imposed chains, than live under the thumb of a controlling husband or other family member. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt!

That whole conversation did hurt me, but it would have hurt me a lot more if I hadn’t come so far in liberating myself from these same chains in the last year. I still care, but I care less and less each day about what people think. This new attitude doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process. These society people don’t run my life, and they don’t run Dallas, either. This is a very small group of socialites, and as much as LeeAnne believes that Jimmy is all-powerful, she doesn’t have any power over me.

While we are discussing people talking about me, I would like to discuss exactly WHO is talking. Kameron said that she was worried that Brandi would run around telling someone in society about the butt dart game in Beavercreek months ago? Brandi does not even socialize in the same circles that Kameron and I have been in for years, so who is she going to tell about me? Certainly, she isn’t telling anyone we know. The only person who even knows about my awesome “K-cup trick” that belongs to Dallas society is Kameron. So, who could be spreading that story around? The only people that keep bringing it up are Kameron and LeeAnne.

Jimmy said it hurts LeeAnne and Kameron’s feelings when people talk about me? Well, not one person is talking about what happened at Beavercreek, because no one but the six of us girls were there! And, as for being drunk at a charity event, AGAIN, that is a lie, and Kameron was not there that night! The only person there was LeeAnne that would spread such vicious lies for her own gain. None of the so-called socialites Kameron and Jimmy are referring to were at that event. So, by deductive reasoning, this boils down to the only obvious choices for who is “talking” and spreading gossip about me…Kameron and LeeAnne, and NO ONE else!

LeeAnne’s accusations of Brandi and me as drinking buddies are unfounded as I have said numerous times before, and a stupid drinking game among six girls on a vacation does not ruin one’s reputation! Besides, if Jimmy is worried about Kameron’s reputation, she should focus on her new friend LeeAnne, who feels no shame at making a blow job gesture in her confessional! For some reason that’s not concerning to the Westcotts? 
I wonder how Dallas’ society will react to that.

My mother’s speech was touching. I know she must miss my stepfather every day. I know I do. He was much like Jeremy, grounded and humble and full of sound advice. If I lost Jeremy, I don’t know if I would ever move on. It made me sad to think that LeeAnne and I may never move forward, but I was getting fed up with the “one-ups.” My mother asked her to call me for lunch as they hugged at the lake and though she promised my mom, she never did. I was hopeful that LeeAnne and I would talk at Jeremy’s mural reveal, but when she didn’t show up it just seemed like we missed our chance. I was a little down that she decided to skip such an important moment for Jeremy, as it was a real slap in the face to him. Jeremy always shows up to support everyone, even if they are just friends of mine, but I was glad Stephanie, Kameron, and Cary could be there! This was the first time a veteran’s mural had been painted on a wall in Deep Ellum, and it was my husband’s photo. I was so proud!

There was a lot of hurt feelings on my end left over with Kameron from the cooking party. When I brought up Jimmy and Kameron’s warnings at the reveal, I didn’t do it to start an argument. I was coming from a place of being a hurt friend, and I had NO IDEA that Kameron would react how she did. I honestly thought since Kameron is my friend, she would see it my way and realize how uncomfortable that conversation was.

I just wanted Kameron to know how I felt about it! If she were really concerned for my reputation, she should have come to me directly instead of gossiping about me to her mother-in-law, society, and anyone else who would listen! No wonder she and LeeAnne are getting along so well! Kameron did not want to hear that I wasn’t appreciative of their warnings. I understand her reaction based on her life and its parameters. I now realize she walks on eggshells and must follow strict rules in her marriage. I don’t blame her for walking out. If my whole life centered around propping up the Westcott name, the best choice in that situation was probably to just shut it down.

Regardless of all that drama, my #hothubby got his mural up which was amazing! Unfortunately, as some may have heard, this past summer it was taken down by the owners of the Green Room’s building just a few days before Independence Day. It was very upsetting to hear this happened to something that Jeremy and the artists worked so hard on. I would love to see the mural, and some relationships, go back up, and very soon! I guess we will all have to wait and see if any of that will happen."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo