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Stephanie Hollman: “For Kameron To Come At Me The Way She Did Really Surprised Me”

Stephanie Hollman is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Stephanie Hollman opens up about her argument with Kameron Westcott over Brandi Redmond's adoption surprise baby shower.

Stephanie writes:

"After spending the past two months moving, unpacking, and dealing with all of the fun that comes along with a new house, I was ready for a girls trip. When we landed, our first stop was Beaver Liquors. Now let me just say, taking Brandi Redmond and myself to a store called "Beaver Liquors” is our dream! We appreciated our pre-party pit stop because that means Kameron Westcott is really starting to read the room and knows how to get our panties excited! To show our appreciation, we thought the polite thing to do would be to buy Kameron a thank you gift for her kind gesture. We very sneakily bought a poster, wrote a sweet little message and hung it up in her room so that she could wake up every morning to know just how grateful we are for her and all of the Beaver Liquors out there. I think she liked it! We loved it!

Now, if you leave Brandi and me alone for too long, we will start to entertain ourselves (which can be dangerous). We came all this way and we haven’t even enjoyed the snow yet so we threw on our snow gear and went for a little adventure. We were on a mission to slide down this hill right outside the house but we couldn’t find the sleds so we improvised and I used Brandi as my sled. That didn't work too well because she peed so we had to find a plan b - a large log. That was a solid plan because I have seen that in the movies before but the log failed us too. Finally, the sweet house attendant saw us nearly making a baby in the front yard and quickly brought out sleds. We hopped on those suckers and flew like the wind.

At the dinner table, Kameron told me that she was upset regarding my little lie about having a surrogate and I apologized. Did I mean it? No, I think her being upset was silly. This was a baby REVEAL party with over 100 of Brandi and Bryan’s closest friends and family members. That was how Brandi wanted to share the news of precious baby Bruin, so I wasn’t going to ruin her surprise. Plus she was going to find out in 20-30 minutes anyway- I don't know why I am being badgered over this, even after I apologized to her.

Not even two hours later, she brings the conversation BACK up. Seriously? Why is Kameron taking something that was supposed to be such a special moment and making it about herself? Now I am annoyed! Brandi walked off crying because she was tired of feeling like she is being beat down for how her family chose to share the news of their new addition. That is no one's business but her own. Shouldn’t she just be thankful that she was invited? 

I told Kameron that we are not going to “bash her for adopting a baby” and maybe “bash” was the wrong word and I should have said “badgered” instead, but regardless we are ALL over this narrative that Kameron has chosen to zero in on. You can say what you want about me, but I have ALWAYS made sure that EVERYONE feels more than welcome in my home, even last year at my Halloween party. For Kameron to come at me the way she did really surprised me and was honestly quite rude. I am missing time with my family in Italy to be on this trip- I don't need this! If you don't want me in your home over a discussion that YOU chose to keep bringing up then I can gladly catch an early flight far far away from this mess and go where I know I am wanted. Ciao!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo