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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With ‘The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg’ Star Christall Kay!

by Jean-Claude

Hello everyone and welcome once again to Claude's Corner on iRealHousewives. I’m Jean-Claude and today I have Johannesburg’s very own Wonder Woman  - Christall Kay from1Magic’s Real Housewives of Johannesburg here to talk about her music career, Housewives and of course shed some light on the drama that’s been going down in the city of gold.

Goeie dag Christall, So I’m just going to get to it -- where is the JET?!
CK:The idea of driving 8 hours to Botswana was so unattractive to me that I said that I was going in a Jet!( ha ha) I thought that there was a slight chance that I may be able to organize it as I have a friend who runs a company that hires out fast cars and Jets.  It was never a serious proposition and even on the show you can see me laughing after I said it.  I certainly never invited any of the other girls to come with me on my "jet". They just assumed I was meaning them too.

How did it make you feel when the girls teased you about your music?
CK:The way my music was presented on Episode 3 still makes me want to cry! The way the scenes were filmed was so unfair to me.  When I had the earphones on in the studio, I could hardly hear myself singing so I was off key and pitchy.  The next scene at my house where I sang and all the girls were over for dinner was not much better as there was no sound engineering whatsoever and I was singing through an unbalanced home music hifi with no feedback from the system where anyone would have sounded dreadful.  This gave the girls who were looking for any reason to tear me apart a reason to have a good go at me, and so they did.  They did not believe that I have won American awards for my music and that my song Set Apart made it to number 55 on the US Top 40 charts!!  I have the awards and the chart to prove it!  My music is one of the treasures that I have and the entire episode where these girls were trashing me and everything I have worked so hard for still makes me feel so sad.  However I have continued with my music and if you listen to my latest single which I just released called "Wonder" you will notice that I most definitely can sing. Please enjoy on iTunes! You can also see Set Apart on YouTube and judge my singing and songwriting ability for yourself!!

After the first episode, no one on Twitter could get past your beautiful home. But it’s been reported that the home has been placed on the market – are you selling it?
CK:Yes my house is exquisitely beautiful and I have spent much money and energy making it into the palace that it is, and yes it is on the market for R18,5 million.  I have lived here for 7 years, and although I love it I do feel the need for a change.  This house requires a lot of staff and management and it may be nice to have a home that is easier to manage.  Our son is also going to school in Sandton which is quite a distance away, and the traffic and driving is getting to us, so it would be great to find a home closer to his school.

No, but seriously, now we know you to be a woman who wears many hats. However, for those who don’t know, who is Christall Kay?
CK: Yes I do wear many hats! I suppose you could call me a serial entrepreneur! I have a film location agency, Location Masters; I also have Sass Nail Spa;; an image consultancy;; a decor company;; and of course we cannot forget my singing and songwriting;  I am also a mom to a wonderful 5 year old and a wife. I am generally a friendly, happy outspoken person. I was a lawyer, first an advocate and then an attorney so it is natural for me to engage in debate and be analytical about things. I will not tolerate any injustice to myself or anyone else for that matter. I generally love people and am always game for a laugh.

What was your initial response upon being casted on RHOJ?
CK:The minute I was asked to be on the show I agreed.  I love reality shows like the Kardashians and always wanted to be on one. I remember saying to the producer who asked me, "How did you know I wanted to be on a reality show?"

How long did filming last?
CK: Filming lasted for about 3 months.

If it were up to you, where else in Africa should they launch The Real Housewives?
CK:I think that it would be great to also have the Real Housewives of Durban and the Real Housewives of Cape Town.  Nigeria may also be a country to consider as their film industry is somewhat developed with a large market.

Photo Credit: 1Magic

If you had to redo your opening tagline, what would it be?
CK: My tagline would be: "I am ambitious and courageous as I reach for the stars!" or

"I am a down to earth diva with a real heart"

"Don't underestimate me! I was born to shine"

"The ladder of success, I know how to climb!"

Are you still in touch with Charlize?
CK:No I am in not in touch with Charlize any longer but if you know where I can find her please let me know.

What was your view on the incident at Fairlawns and Sanitizer-gate?
CK:My view is that it was Brinette who was mainly at fault because she should have okayed it with Evodia that Olwethu come, and especially if she knew she was bringing a baby.  The sanitizer was hideous and I have never seen that before.  Olwethu was out of line in expecting us to use that as she did not even know everyone.  However there was no reason to be nasty to Olwethu as she did not know the full situation, which was that her company was not really desired at our lunch as she was not invited.

You’ve said before that you identify with Kim from RHOA -- who else is your favourite, and have you met any of the other ladies from any of the other franchises?
CK:I love Denise Richards.  She is blonde and gorgeous, and I see she caused quite a fuss because she gets paid more than the other girls so always controversial!

On the show you come off as a bit controversial. Do you think that the ladies sometimes don’t understand you?
CK: I think the girls saw me as different from the beginning, and were looking for anything they could say against me.   Culturally I am different from the group which definitely caused me to be controversial.  I am not controversial with my off-screen friends! I don't think real friends would ever talk to and treat a person like that. The girls also never get my sense of humor and are mostly always serious and negative.  It is also interesting to see how some of the girls would say they were on your side and then go with the group and be against me when filming started.  It was always the group against Christall.  Of course I am a pretty, rich, white housewife that has millions of rands, degrees, businesses, a family life and incredible life experiences such as modeling with Charlize Theron, meeting President Bill Clinton and other movie stars and rock stars.  So the jealousy factor is right up there with being culturally different to them.

Were you happy that this RHOJ project finally made the screens after development HELL?
CK: Yes I was very happy that the show made the airwaves as it was hell filming however I must say watching the edited episodes has been worse for me because the way it is edited and the confessionals of the girls has made it difficult to digest.  For stance, you think someone is rooting for you while filming and then you only hear them talking against you in the episode.

RHOJ Promotional Photo Credit: 1Magic

Are the relationships the same from when filming started?
CK:The relationships have changed somewhat.  I was never close to any of the girls and never knew any of them before.  As time goes by you discover things about the different housewives and your view of them changes for the better or the worse.

Where do you and Madame stand today?
 CK:Evodia and I were definitely rivals in the show and often came up against each other.  After Mercy and Evodia attacked me in the dress shop(Ep.9) our relationship which had improved considerably deteriorated totally while filming.  I felt very disrespected that they tried to hit me, and that they resorted to physical measures to gain the upper hand or the spotlight!. I then completely distanced myself from both of them.  That was a few months back and at this stage I am more neutral to Evodia.

We saw you sing Nkosi Sikelel -- will a cover version make it to the album?
CK: Not this album

What will you be wearing to the reunion?
CK: I haven't decided what I am wearing yet but it will definitely be very impressionable and stand out amidst all the Ladies.

Would you be open to coming back for season two? 
CK:Yes I would come back for Season 2.

If you return next season, would you show another side of your life and get a little bit more personal?
CK:would certainly know what to expect the next time round!  I would be the same Christall but wiser and I think I would know how to deal with all those 'wives a whole lot better.   I would focus more on my friends, music and family life.

Tell us about your husband. Where’d you guys meet and do we get to see more of him as the show progresses?
CK:  I met my husband while he was living next door to me when I stayed in an apartment In Morningside, Johannesburg.  This was 11 years ago.  We got married at Summer Place in Hyde Park in 2011.  He is not opposed to appearing on the show and am sure will be great in Season 2.  My husband is Eddie Greeff and he is a financial adviser with Liberty life.  He enjoys traveling and the outdoors.

You were on JacarandaFM talking about how you acquired your wealth. With that in mind, how did you manage to maintain your wealth and grow your empire? Most girls would have lost it all by now.
CK: I have managed to hold onto and grow my wealth by creating new streams of income since I stopped practising law like my 4 businesses mentioned above.  With my husband being a financial adviser I have been lucky enough to know where to invest my money wisely in order to grow it.

If you had the chance to collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why do you choose them?
CK:I would collaborate with Bebe Rexha.  She is gorgeous, blonde and controversial and a brilliant artist with a huge following!

Is there an album in the works or at least a tour, perhaps?
CK: I am working on an album with some American producers called the Klubjumpers who have produced for Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, and now Celine Dione. I would love to tour once this album is in the bag.

Photo Credit: Christall's Facebook

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve gone through while filming?
CK:The most challenging part of filming was the episode when Mercy and Evodia tried to hit me and I just managed to block Mercy's blow! I really felt disrespected and undermined, and there was no need for them to take the altercation to a physical level. It also seemed like they were doing it for the spotlight.

I know that you didn’t know any of the ladies at first, how’d they get you guys acquainted?
CK: I got to know the ladies through filming and being put in scenes with them.

When the ladies are speaking Xhosa, are you able to understand? Out of the 11 national languages, which do you speak?
CK: No I don't understand Xhosa or any black language so they often spoke over my head in their  language.  I speak mainly English, and colloquial Afrikaans.  I grew up in Durban where predominantly English is spoken

What is your background?
CK: As mentioned I grew up and was educated in Durban.  I studied law and completed a Bachelor of Social Science and Bachelor of laws degree. I practiced law as an advocate and attorney for 10 years. I have aways been involved in music projects and now have a number of creative endeavours.

Who was your favourite cast mate in the beginning of filming? What about now, and why?
CK: I liked Chef Ndi at the beginning of the show, however she did not stay and now I like Lerika.  Lerika seems to be grounded, and we get on well. Everyone likes Lerika and she seems to be everyone's friend so sometimes that can pose an issue.

What were some of the concerns that you had at the beginning of filming?
CK:I didn't have many concerns and realized I probably should have had more. I was so happy to be part of the show that I didn't think there would be a down side. I never guessed that I would be singled out! I have often been involved with groups of models and actors and I spent many years with people in the corporate and I always get on well with most people.

What does the future hold for Christall?
CK: The future looks Christall Clear! I am continuing to expand my businesses and work on my brand.  I have a new single called Underwater that is written by local pop artist Daniel Baron, that I will be dropping in the next month or so. I am looking to start gigging locally and finish up my album and hopefully visit the US next year. I am also studying acting at the moment and hope to land some new interesting roles. I am however still interested in taking Housewife Christall to the next level, and winning more hearts and minds to shine! So roll on Season 2!

‘Wonder (Pop Radio Edit)’ Single Cover via iTunes

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