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Emily Simpson: “I Could Tell Gina Was Deeply Hurt, And I Just Wanted To Console Her”

Emily Simpson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Emily Simpson weighs in on all the drama that went down at Vicki Gunvalson's dinner party and shares her thoughts on Kelly Dodd and Shane's sit-down. Were you nervous to ask Kelly to apologize to Shane?
Emily Simpson: I wasn’t nervous to ask Kelly to apologize to Shane, but I was very emotional. I think you can see my emotions right there on my face. I became emotional in this moment because it is important that my friends and my husband are able to work things out when there is an issue between them. Let’s be honest, I don’t need Kelly and Shane to be best friends, but I would like them to have a mutual respect for each other so that we can all be around each other without any awkwardness. I give Kelly a lot of credit for agreeing to come to my home and speak to Shane. What did you think of Vicki's dinner party?
ES: Dinner party? Or Spanish Inquisition? I have to say I was disappointed in the evening and left feeling sick to my stomach. I worked that day and ran home quickly to change. I was looking forward to a fun night hanging out with girlfriends, eating Italian food, and having fun conversation, but none of that really happened. I think the other ladies were so hell-bent on criticizing Gina for her decision to get divorced that the evening became dark and contemptuous.

Gina is my friend, and so I don’t judge her decisions. When she told me she was getting divorced, I offered some advice, then told her I would be there for her as her friend. I have repeatedly asked that the other ladies stay out of my marriage and not judge my husband, so I would be a complete hypocrite if I judged Gina for her decision to get divorced.

I felt the best thing for me to do that evening was not join in the “Inquisition,” but rather offer support and friendship to her when she got up and left the table. I could tell Gina was deeply hurt, and I just wanted to console her. And let’s get one other thing out there: Religion and morality do not go hand in hand. You can practice good morals without claiming any religion. And you can also claim to be religious, believe in God and attend church regularly, but still be a snake in the grass. How do you think the conversation between Kelly and Shane went?
ES: I think it went well. I hope the two were genuine in their reconciliation. The past is the past, and I look forward to moving ahead past this unfortunate incident.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo