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Kameron Westcott Says She Was “Shocked, Extremely Happy, Excited And Angry” About The Announcement Of Baby Bruin And Explains Why She “Felt Betrayed” By Stephanie Hollman And Brandi Redmond!

Kameron Westcott is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Kameron Westcott shares her thoughts on Stephanie Hollman's surprise baby shower to baby Burin. What were you thinking when Brandi Redmond showed up at D'Andra Simmons’s party?
Kameron Westcott: When I saw Brandi show up to D’Andra’s party...I was extremely excited and happy! Brandi was being the bigger person and put her and D’Andra’s issues behind them to celebrate this special time for D’Andra. Brandi was indeed invited to the party so it was nice for her to show D’Andra support. I was so proud of Brandi’s decision to come!! What do you think about no one greeting you at the door at Stephanie Hollman’s?
KW: It was our first time ever at their new house. We ring the doorbell, we knock and no one answered, so we let ourselves in... we didn’t know what else to do?? When we walk in... we see Travis’s back towards us sitting down at the breakfast room table having a conversation with Bryan. We sat in the main room for a few minutes hoping they saw us and thought it was too awkward so we went outside to wait until more people showed up. Now after the fact knowing that Stephanie was upstairs with Brandi and her baby, it makes more sense why we were not greeted, and why they didn’t hear us knocking or ringing the doorbell....but in the south, especially when a party is just getting started it is always the hosts responsibility to make sure that guests are welcomed and greeted into their home. Tell us about this blonde detective moment – how did you figure out it was Brandi?
KW: I was getting my hair and makeup done that day and I saw Stephanie post all these Insta stories with Blue Balloons and blue cake balls....posting all blue photos is not normal. only do all blue if it’s a baby shower!!! I also knew from last year that Brandi really wanted a baby I just assumed this was it!!?? Tell us about Stephanie saying to you it was actually her that had the surrogate. 
KW: I was so happy for her, having a child is one of the greatest experiences in life. It made me double guess my blonde detective instincts that Brandi was adopting a baby. Personally, I would worry about the karma of lying about having a child, its just a big lie and not one worth determining my character over. I understand she was coming from a good place to protect her friend, but if she was lying to me about that, it made me question, at that moment... what else could she be lying to me about? What were you thinking when Brandi walked down the stairs with her baby boy?
KW: I was shocked, extremely happy, excited and angry because I felt betrayed by both Stephanie and Brandi. I had seen Brandi on multiple occasions over the last 3 months and not once did she bring up that she had a baby at home? Of course, I was happy to see Brandi have a new precious child in her family, but could not believe how they delivered the news? Why hide a baby for three months without telling your close friends? And why did Stephanie lie to me about having a child with a surrogate, that is a pretty big lie? I thought these girls were my "friends" and we were "close" but apparently appearances are more important than honesty. I was sad, beyond excited and confused all in one moment. Sure it's really special to be able to walk down the stairs with your new baby and surprise everyone, but is it worth the cost of betraying your friends if you have to lie to your friend's faces and keep secrets?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo