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Kameron Westcott: “I Would Never Bash Someone About Adopting A Baby”

Kameron Westcott is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Kameron Westcott talks about her argument with Stephanie Hollman over feeling left out of surprise adoption baby. Why invite all the ladies to Beaver Creek – why do you want them to know you can have fun?
Kameron Westcott: I invited everyone to my home because I genuinely want to be friends with all of them and I thought the group was in a good place. I feel like last year I was known as Miss Boring and that is not who I am as you can ask any other friends in my other Dallas friend groups. I wanted to show them you can have fun without excessive drinking and crude behavior. I mean come on I am fun, I'm a Barbie girl. What were you thinking when you found the poster? Were you more upset than you let on with Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman or are you just accepting their humor now?
KW: I was not upset. Its par for the course with Brandi and Stephanie and was expected. It was a vulgar joke but it was done with good intentions so I have no issue with it. I can take a joke, I mean come on I sell pink dog food. However, I do look forward to when their jokes evolve to other subjects besides sex and potty humor. It just gets soooo old! Tell us aboutCary Deuber calling you the badger when you brought up your feelings about the surprise baby party.
KW: Not sure how they do things in the Dueber household, but if you feel deeply about something, it should not be suppressed. I hung out with Brandi multiple times before the party and she never mentioned to me once that she had a new baby at home. This is a HUGE DEAL! How could she go to lunch with me and not say a new baby is at home? She also already had him for 3 months when we met him. It’s not like he was an infant right out of the hospital. Why couldn’t she just tell me that she adopted a child but to keep it under cover until the adoption is finalized? No one likes to be left in the cold and it definitely shows me I am not her close friend which hurt my feelings. Onto the end of the episode – tell us about this moment. What were you thinking when you brought up being upset about Brandi’s party and Cary called it "stupid."
KW: I brought the party up again because I was still processing it because I was still hurt. I thought I was close with someone but I guess I am not. Cary wasn’t as upset bc she was personally told before. If she was in my position though maybe she would have acted differently? D'Andra Simmons and LeeAnne Locken do not have children of their own personally so their perspective would also be a bit different. Maybe I should have just let it go and moved on, but I was hurt.

Tell us about your back and forth with Stephanie and this “bashing” moment. Watching now what are you thinking?
KW: Stephanie said, "We are not going to bash her for adopting a baby." This is a classic Stephanie move, twist the story to make someone else look like the bad guy. I would never bash someone about adopting a baby, (I mean what on earth?? Stephanie are we even having the same conversation?) I was just stating that my feelings were hurt by the way she delivered the news. Look I say enough ridiculous stuff on my own doing, I don’t need someone to add gas to my fire. Stephanie knew I was not bashing Brandi about the actual adoption, (please, I am a mother of two and children are the most precious things in life) Stephanie just wanted to make me look bad and hope she could get to use her favorite credit card, the Innocent Victim Express.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo