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Kameron Westcott Gives An Update On Her Friendships With Brandi Redmond And Stephanie Hollman And Weighs In On D’Andra Simmons Relationship With Mama Dee!

Kameron Westcott is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's Season 3 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Kameron Westcott shares her thoughts on D'Andra Simmons relationship with Momma Dee and gives an update pn her friendships with Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond. What do you think of LeeAnne Locken’s amygdala theory about her behavior? Can she change?
Kameron Westcott: I may be blonde, but I still love science! The scientific evidence backs up LeeAnne's theory. Everyone should do their research. But that does not mean she gets a free pass for bad behavior. I like people who have good self awareness and that is one of the reasons why I love LeeAnne. She knows she has personal stuff from her past and she is constantly working to make sure it does not effect her future. Tell us about this moment talking out Sparkle Dog’s future with Court. Did the conversation go the way you hoped?
KW: Its frustrating, I have put so much time in effort into SparkleDog and I have had great success in my eyes, but Court holds me to a very high standard. I am so proud it is now sold in stores in Dallas and on Amazon, but I also have guilt for spending so much time on it and away from Court and my children. I am still working on finding a balance but I am not giving up yet, Louis won't let me!! Tell us about the importance of being a good example for your daughter.
KW: Being a good example for Hilton is very important to me. You got to practice what you preach and actions always speak louder than words. Kids and adults have so much peer pressure these days and I want Hilton to be a strong girl that stays true to her values. On the other hand, I am a little worried that dressing her up in so much pink will also make her rebel and become goth!! Stephanie Hollman said that you are in a good place, where are things between you and Brandi Redmond?
KW: I think things between Brandi and I are pretty good. I feel that she is a good friend now and I am learning more about her everyday! She still likes to push my boundaries but I enjoy her company now, more than I did in the past. She seriously grows on me everyday!! As someone who married in to a prominent Dallas family, what do you think of Mama Dee and her dynamic with D'Andra Simmons?
KW: Hmm,

Many prominent Dallas families have very high expectations for their children and can lead to too much pressure, but every family is so different so its hard to judge on the outside. However, from what I have seen it appears that they have a very close relationship from working together, which I am sure can be overwhelming at times for both. I think Mama Dee has D'Andra's best intentions at heart, but it has got to be tough for D'Andra having to still fight for her independence.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo