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Dorit And Paul Kemsley Slapped With Lawsuit For More Than $200K For Allegedly Stiffing Swimsuit Business Partner!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple Dorit and Paul Kemsley are being sued over swimwear deal by their business partner Ryan Horne, who claims in legal documents that he's owed tens of thousands of dollars from a deal he struck with them back in August 2017, according to TMZ.

Horne claims the reality couple agreed to partner with him to make bathing suits in a business split three ways and that he fronted them almost $130,000 in merchandise and $75,000 to cover other expenses, according to the media outlet.

The businessman alleges the Dorit and her husband PK sold the bathing suits he provided at a profit but have never reimbursed him for the initial outlay nor given him his share of profits from the sale of the bathing suits, according to The Daily Mail.

Horne is now suing to get his share.

A source close to the Kemselys told TMZ that they were not fronted any money by Horne and that they "will respond appropriately to his claims in court."

Photo Credit: Bravo