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Denise Richards Opens Up About Joining The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

Denise Richards is opening up about joining the cast of the upcoming ninth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While promoting her new film, Destined to Ride, the actress opens up about joining the Bravo hit reality series.

"I am," Denise told Access Live about being ready to be on RHOBH. "I've been a fan of the show and Lisa Rinna is a good friend of mine - I think it'll be a fun ride and something completely different and you know I'm excited about it."

Richards was then asked if she was friends with any of the other cast members besides Rinna, which she replied, "I'm friends with Lisa, I know Camille [Grammer] and I met Kyle [Richards] a couple of times."

Denise also teases if her daughters will be part of the show. "I told them if they wanted to, they can - you know there's no pressure. They're actually excited - our oldest daughter was just hoping I don't embarrass her cause she's starting high school."

Then, Richards reveals why this was the perfect time for her to join RHOBH. "You know I've been through so much over the last few years and I've been really private about a lot of things and I just thought it would be - you know a nice way to kind of let people see where I'm at now."

She added: "I thought it would be fun and I've been a fan of the show - I actually never thought I would actually go on because I thought I don't know if I want to get involved in some of the drama and stuff like that but I love that they're a strong group of women and they seem like fun."

"I'm excited, it's going to be a fun journey."

Are you guys excited to see Denise on RHOBH? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images