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Southern Charm Recap: Reunion Part One [Episode 15]

by: Sam Allan from Good Tea
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author (Good Tea), and they do not reflect in any way those of

It's great to see how far this show has come from its days of revolving around the southern Good Ole Boys Club to a show where feminism has taken over and the #MeToo has obviously had a massive impact. Last year, Shep tried to kiss Chelsea, was defended by many of the cast members and rewarded with his own dating show. This year after Thomas Ravenel's rape allegations he was not invited to the reunion and won't be back next season. Obviously, these two incidences are very different but while it's a relief to see how far we've come there is still so much that needs to happen with the ingrained southern mentality of the show. 

Once again Patricia boycotted the reunion as Maggie Smith does the Emmys but Andy broke the ice about T-Rav's absence with a statement from his lawyer thanking his fans and excepting to be fully vindicated. What fans? No one likes Thomas. I hate Trashley and she is the absolute worst but times that by ten and you get Thomas Ravenel. As much we all know Trashley isn't mentally there, he is the brains behind the whole operation and she isn't getting these crazy ideas about Kathryn from nowhere, he obviously fuelled the fire and she was dumb enough to play right into it, they really do deserve each other. The cast didn't choose to comment on him. Cam believed it was the right chose, Shep called out his dark side, Kathryn obviously knows where all the bodies are buried and knew about him raping the nanny but she kept her lips shut for the sake of their children and Naomie chose not to comment because he's always been nice to her. What? I'm sure Charles Manson, Hitler and Kanye West are nice to be people that don't excuse his behaviour.

Due to the Girl Power this season I would've expected Naomie and the entire Pussy Power Pack to stand up and condemn this behaviour but no one had the balls to, even though you can see on their faces they all know what a disgusting human being he is, and after her blowups with JD and Peyton I was disappointed Naomie and her new nose. Speaking of the beached sperm whale JD, Naomie continued to say she was just standing up for Liz because she knew JD would control the narrative on the show and as a result, they don't speak anymore. The men of the group continued to support and defend the sperm whale which just shows the Good Ole Boys system is alive and well along with JD's late-night rendezvous with young girls that the whole cast knew about for years. His cackle and whiskey drinking ways make my skin crawl and I hope he leaves with T-Rat because NO ONE will miss him. 

After a season of sitting on the sidelines, Cameron really came through and changed my opinion of her. She was critical of the male control over the show, backtracked on how she had treated Kathryn for all those years and was extremely open about her not feeling that instant love for her baby and maybe (?) suffering a little postpartum depression. It's refreshing to hear about this because there's still an enormous stigma around how mothers should feel towards their children and I'm glad she opened up about it. As bland as Cam has been this season she's logical, educated and down to earth which is why she's been a staple on this show for five seasons now. Her reconciliation with Kathryn literally brought me to tears and I don't think I've cried since I had a nightmare I was trapped in Trashley's body and had to deal with T-Rat flopping around on top of me. Ugh, I'm getting flashbacks. Ever since season one I've been Team Kathryn and I could never understand why Cameran and the rest of the group labelled her as crazy and exiled her from the group when Thomas was just as crazy and destructive, in fact, he was more than twice her age and acting the same.

After five seasons, pushing out a child of her own and probably learning about T-Rav's sexual assault hobby, Cam suddenly had an epiphany about how misunderstood and how mistreated Kathryn had been through the years which made the whole cast cry, including me. The thing that really got to me was when Cameran said that we probably don't even know the half of Thomas' manipulation and treatment of Kathryn - and we don't. She was 21-years-old when this all began and I don't even think we've touched the surface of what went down between these two, we've seen his vicious evil side come out a couple of times when he's drunk but when the cameras are down and his alcoholic ways come out how are we supposed to know what Kathryn went through, on top of getting her children taken away for drug use when he was literally raping women (allegedly) and went to prison FOR DRUGS. The irony is beyond me. Cream always rises to the top and even though it took five fucking years I'm happy that karma has finally been served with rape allegations and an escort named Trashley, she's his REAL punishment. 

Apart from the #MeToo discussion and Cam & Kathryn's reconciliation, the rest of the action just revolved Craig. Bethenny Frankel and Erika Jayne have claimed to give zero fucks but no one has ever given less fucks than Craig Conover at this reunion, he couldn't even find a fuck if he wanted to with his ripped up pillowcase as a makeshift pocket square, which is kind of a metaphor of who Craig is as a human. I don't care what anyone says I'm #TeamCraig. If he wants to sew let the cunt fucking sew, why does anyone else care, unless if you want him to sew something in 3D because apparently, that's not his strong suit. He gave us his bullshit excuse opinion for not believing in deadlines and not wanting to conform to society blah, blah, blah but I don't even think Craig knew what he was saying. He's just lazy and without deadlines, no one would get anything done. I don't know if he was smoking some weed with Andy backstage but he just needs to own his complete lack of follow through and stop lying. 

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