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Shannon Beador Has A New Boyfriend, Meet Scot Matteson!

Shannon Beador has found a new man in her life after her messy divorce drama from her estranged husband David. It's been confirmed that the Real Housewives of Orange County star is dating Scot Matteson.

"Shannon and Scot are pretty serious. She just took him to New York on a trip and they spend a lot of time together," a source told E! News. "They have both met each other's children and everyone gets along. They love to go out together and have a great time."

"Shannon was set up with Scot through a friend and instantly hit it off," our insider continued. "They are a really good match and everyone is excited that she is finally healing from the divorce with David. She is in a really good place right now."

Apparently, Scot is a huge family-man and is a nice "normal" guy. Matteson is the father of two teen girls, Brooke and Brittany, from his late wife who passed away in 2007 — he is also the father of a beautiful one-year-old daughter, Arabella, from ex-girlfriend, Sarah Pavlik.

Apparently, Matteson gets along with his ex Pavlik. “Scot has a great relationship with his ex, Sarah, and their breakup was not messy by any means,” a source told Radar Online. “In fact, the two are very amicable and Scott supports her.  and his daughter however he can. He makes sure that his baby girl is taken care of and all of her needs are met.”

“Scot and Sarah co-parent Arabella and both of them are involved in this little girl’s life,” the source told Radar Online. “Scot and Sarah tried for so long to have this baby and Arabella is a true miracle. She raises the kid with the help of Scot’s family and there is nothing but love between all of them.”

“Sarah is happy that Scot has found Shannon and there is no drama there whatsoever,” the insider revealed.

Meanwhile, Shannon's co-star Kelly Dodd recently shared more details about the new relationship.

“Shannon has a boyfriend,” Dodd told Us Weekly. “I’m actually good friends with his ex-wife. I just went to a 50th birthday party with her. And Scot’s really nice, he’s a nice guy, I like him.”

She added: “They both have things in common. They’re both the same age. … They like to travel.”

Dodd assured that there is no awkwardness in being friends with Beador and Matteson's ex.

“The ex-wife is, like, done with him,” Dodd said. “She wants him to move on, have a good life. She doesn’t have, like she doesn’t harbor any ill feelings towards him. She’s like, actually my girlfriend Samantha goes, ‘Actually Scott and Shannon would be a great, great match.’”

Photo Credit: Instagram