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Ashley Darby Reacts To Karen Huger’s ‘Jealousy’ Comment: “Jealousy Is Preposterous - If Anything, I’m Jealous Of Whoever Gave Her A New Face”

Ashley Darby is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Ashley Darby opens up about her conversation with her mother about Michael and reacts to Karen Huger's "jealousy" comment. What was it like coming back to a “cold home” as you put it from Cannes?
Ashley Darby: Coming back home to a cold quiet home reminded me that I'm at the point of wanting to care about the well-being of another person. Sure Geronimo is a great dogson, but I yearn for hearing the gleeful welcome of a little Darby in our home. Where I was once content with going out and being around strangers every day, I feel a stronger desire to have a warm home life that extends the love Michael and I share. What do you think about Karen Huger saying that she would believe anyone but you and saying that you’re just jealous of her? 
AD: Say what now? It's understandable that Karen has trust issues and puts up a wall when it comes to outsiders. Not sure how I'm still considered an 'outsider,' but telling lies about Karen doesn't serve me financially or spiritually - so why would I do it? This is why it's hard to forge a deeper friendship with her, because it seems as though she only listens to people tooting her horn. I'd be happy to support and uplift Karen if she ever knew how to be authentic. Who's truth is she really living in? Jealousy is preposterous - if anything, I'm jealous of whoever gave her a new face. Karen looks good for 50 something, but we know it wasn't all Maybelline. What were you thinking when you walked in to Robyn Dixon’s remodel? Tell us about going at the wall with the sledgehammer! 
AD: When I was walking to the house, I met these adorable children from the neighborhood who were playing outside. Their smiling faces told me that whatever I was about to embark on couldn't be that bad - boy was I wrong. The first thing I saw when I walked inside was a DEAD BIRD in the corner! I thought about tossing it on Gizelle Bryant to see how fast she flew but decided she probably didn't want bird flu. Upon hearing Robyn's story and learning about how she is refurbishing this home, it changed my perspective. I commend her for taking on a project of that magnitude and having the tenacity to keep it moving. So proud of Robyn for that, and felt honored to throw that there sledgehammer into the wall. Who needs yoga when you can tear down walls? Home walls, that is. I am excited to see the finished product and how Robyn's hard work has paid off. Break down this conversation with your mother and having to tell her what Michael said – and her opinion on what is really going on with Michael and the trophy wife theory.
AD: That was a rough conversation because I had been going back and forth in my mind about whether or not I should share Michael's words with my mom. In the end, I opted to tell her because I wanted to break the cycle of being the storage unit for Mom and Michael. If we are ever going to make progress in our relationships we need to have transparency. I think one of the reasons we have gotten to this place is because I tried to please and protect everyone, instead of us talking it out like adults. It is natural that people will have differing opinions and points of view and I can't fight that anymore.

As for her stance on Michael and wanting to have a family with me, I respect her opinion. She and my uncle are older and have much more experience than me, so I take their advice to heart. In this case, she was reaffirming something I already felt - that maybe Michael really doesn't want to have a family with me. That was a very hard thing to hear, but even more challenging to think about how I would find the strength to end my marriage if that were actually the case. Because I am an eternal optimist, I will hold out hope that we can find our true desires, and ultimately our ideals will align. My love for Michael runs deep! Tell us about this pizza delivery – why did you do it and what were you hoping to happen?
AD: Hehe :) In all seriousness, this pizza delivery was meant to be jokingly fun. While it was born from a shady moment, we were ultimately hoping Karen would open the door and we'd all share a laugh - even if Karen threw the pizza in Robyn's face! It was all in jest about a question that no one firmly knows the answer to. All jokes aside, no harm was meant by the joke. If anyone would like to drive by my house with some cheese-free pizza, I'll gladly accept!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo