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Ashley Darby: “As For What Transpired Between Gizelle And Karen, I Was Very Intrigued!”

Ashley Darby is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Ashley Darby shares her thoughts on all the drama between Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant and explains why she brought up the rumors about Karen not living at Great Falls. Did you feel like Monique Samuels and Charrisse Jackson Jordan going to first class was shady? 
Ashley Darby: At first I didn't think much of Charrisse and Monique deciding to upgrade without extending the invitation to everyone else. Practicality said they are close friends, but when the emphasis was placed on 'bonding' and 'togetherness' amongst the whole group I felt a little slighted. In reality, if I wanted to upgrade to first class I should've put my own Visa on the counter. That was a personal choice between Monique and Charrisse. And I love business class - I don't like spending major money on flights, but I love a good recline to snooze across the seas. I've ridden on many types of flights and I was blessed to be on this transatlantic voyage. Tell us about this tiff with Michael and wanting to give up. 
AD: Things between Michael and I had been incredibly stiff. We were walking on eggshells with each other because we were making progress steadily toward getting to a good place - the last thing either of us wanted to do was rock the boat. When I decided to write a song for Michael it was in an effort to reiterate the commitment I've made to our marriage. It was an out of the box idea to make him feel like the special human being he is. When I didn't get the reaction I expected it was hurtful - mainly because my ego was bruised. A song is certainly not the defining pendant of our relationship, but the representation of our love in a creative expression was important to me. I felt like if that wouldn't bring Mickey back into my arms I don't know what will - how much is too much to keep trying? Why did you decide to bring up the rumor Matt spread about where Karen Huger was living?
AD: I had my suspicions about Matt and his Houdini appearing act from the very beginning. So when this news came to me, there were two thoughts. First, it's not cool for someone to take advantage of Karen during this time in her life. Secondly, there were already rumors whirling around the DMV, and hearing this from someone close to the source herself was confirming. It was only right to ask Karen what's reallllllly going on, and give her a chance to set the record straight. What do you think about Karen’s reaction – and mentioning where you moved when you had your separation from Michael? 
AD: I expected Karen to get defensive about asking her to tell the truth - she probably would've shriveled up and left her wig in a heap on the floor. The comment about where I moved during my separation didn't phase me - I told HER where I voluntarily moved. She can try to make a moment out of minutiae, but my truth is front and center. Would the real Kurun Huger please stand up?! What do you think about Gizelle Bryant saying to go on without her and Robyn Dixon – watching now, what do you think of that confrontation between Gizelle and Karen? 
AD: I had no qualms with Robyn and Gizelle deciding to go their own way during the Grasse outing. I respect how anyone chooses to spend their time - while it would've been nice to be in a group, their hearts were in a different place and that's completely okay.

As for what transpired between Gizelle and Karen, I was very intrigued! I also attended said Christmas party and distinctly remember seeing Ray and Karen, as well as Gizelle and Erika. While I didn't witness the interaction between Ray and Erika, Karen's previous comments about her husband deem it's not implausible.

What do you think about Ashley’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo