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RHOS Stars Athena X Levendi And Lisa Oldfield Reveal Behind-The-Scene Secrets And Calls Out Producers And Co-Stars; Athena Claims She Was “Bullied Off And On Camera” And Lisa Says Season 2 Rumors Are ‘Utter Bulls***!”

Athena X Levendi and Lisa Oldfield recently spilled lots of tea about their former Real Housewives of Sydney co-stars and shared some behind-the-scene secrets. They also shared their thoughts on Season 2 rumors and more.

After fan page, realhousewives_2018 shared the news in a Instagram post about Season 2 will begin filming in 2019, Levendi and Oldfield shared their reaction in the post's comment section.

"Utter bull****," wrote Oldfield about the recent Season 2 news. "Just wishful thinking from some of the girls who failed to land anything."

Them, Lisa denies reports that US network Bravo refused to air the controversial reality show, claiming that RHOS is less violent than the American installments, crediting Avivia Drescher's leg-toss as an example

"They [Bravo] didn't refuse to air it, they unfortunately bought Auckland sight unseen and that didn't do well," she wrote. "Remember @rhomelbourne wasn't bought by US until 3rd season had aired," she continued. "We were hardly violent compared to the US series, which included someone removing their prosthetic leg and throwing it across the room ! #fuckiwishihadafakeleg"

Meanwhile, Athena X revealed some juicy behind-the-scenes secrets. The spiritual goddess slams producers for not showing certain moments on the show, giving her the villain edit. Levendi claims that reunion host Alex Perry "hated her" and reveals that producers failed to show certain scenes during the reunion where she would have been vindicated - alleging that there was a scene where Victoria Rees and Krissy Marsh made fun of co-star Melissa Tkautz, calling her "Anorexic." 

"I actually felt hard done on the reunion.. they had it in for me even Mr Perry talk about Not even supporting another fellowHellen.. he really hated me that day 😂! Even Matty went against me bringing up the argument she actually off camera asked me to have with her how tragic!!!!!!!!! True fact they delete the best most revealing moment of the entire season the Footage of Krissy and Victoria actually calling Melissa Anorexic ... and laughing about it by not showing this unfortunately the viewers didn’t get to see their true colours how they actually lied and yes it would have redeemed me !," she wrote. "Oh and they took the part out where my husband Panos explained to the ladies that I had nothing against them ,and they all agreed to give me a chance !!!!!Of cause for some reason Producers didn’t think I deserved to be Redeemed and the Truth COME out ! I was honest and I didn’t play Dirty! Unfortunately people formed an opinion on what was shown to them a very Dissected manipulated character... unfortunately this is reality TV!," she continued. 

She added: "Yes I was reacting and reactive!!! But everything that was usually said to me by Victoria was always edited out and let me tell you it was 10 times more damaging that my reactions!!!!!!!!!!!! They really wanted me to look like the instigator when all I was ever doing was reacting and defending my Reputation and Family Business! Namaste 🙏"

Athena then claims that she was "bullied off and on camera" by some of her co-stars, claiming that Victoira, Krissy and Nicole O'Neil had an agreement to "only attack Lisa and myself."

"DO YOU KNOW I WAS BULLIED OFF AND ON CAMERA 🎥 Victoria Krissy and Nicole made an agreement to never go for each other but only attack Lisa and myself ! But of course stupid people believe the numbers ...Use your brain I was one girl isolated and teased and degraded every time I was in the company of those manipulative women! How Hypothetical you are!," she wrote.

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Photo Credit: Foxtel