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Meghan King Edmonds Shows Off Bare Post-Baby Bump And Reveals The Names Of Her Twin Boys!

Meghan King Edmonds revealed the names of her twin boys in a post on her personal blog on Friday, June 8. In the post titled “My birth story,” the former Real Housewives of Orange County star who welcomed her twins wrote that she’s named her sons Hayes and Hart.

Meghan, who also shares daughter Aspen, 18 months, with her husband, wrote that they took a couple of days because they were deciding between the names Hart, Hayes, Haze and Lake.

“Inside of me Baby A [who was born first] was active and I thought Hart was a good name for an active baby and Hayes or Lake would be better for my Baby B, my chill baby,” she wrote. “But on the outside, Baby B is active and Baby A is chill! Three days later after much thinking we name Baby A Hayes and Baby B Hart.”

She explained that they are both family names. “Hayes (who looks like Jimmy) is Jimmy’s great-grandma’s maiden name, Hart (who looks like me) is my great-great-great grandpa’s first name,” she continued. “King is a given for their middle names. Our family is now completely complete.”

Edmonds revealed in her birth story that Hart was in breech position when she went into labor. There was the possibility that she’d need to have an emergency C-section but she ended up delivering both of her babies naturally, without an epidural.

“Overall I had a beautiful labor almost exactly as I envisioned,” she wrote. “I am so blessed to have had a natural, vaginal labor. I was incredibly conscious of everything happening to my body, I knew what to expect during each stage, I felt present, awake, and enlightened. It was incredibly painful but I enjoyed my breaks between contractions. I feel so powerful.”

Edmonds posted a bathroom mirror selfie to her Instagram Story two days after giving birth that showed off her bare belly.

Photo Credit: Meghan King Edmonds/Instagram

“I worked on this bump for a long and hard 37 weeks,” she captioned the pic that showed her with her hand on her still-swollen stomach. “You didn’t think I’d give it up that easy, did you?!”

Meghan her husband, Jim welcomed twin boys on Tuesday, June 5. “Announcing our perfect, beautiful, and healthy twin baby boys!” Meghan and Jim told Us Weekly on Wednesday, June 6, when they shared a black-and-white pic of the infants lying on a baby blanket with a footprint theme. “They arrived at 10:48 p.m. and 11:32 p.m. on June 5 weighing 6 pounds, 15 ounces, (20 inches long) and 6 pounds (19.25 inches long.)”

Twins (Credit: Heather Mohr Photography via Us Weekly)

“Everyone is doing well,” the couple added. “Stay tuned for names and birth story.”

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