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Lisa Oldfield Insists That RHOS Is Not Returning For A Second Season And Says She’s “Working On A New Show For Next Year”

A few weeks back we posted an article on this site about the fate of The Real Housewives of Sydney. If you recall, we shared the article on Instagram and cast member Lisa Olddfield spilled major tea about her future on the show and revealed her future television projects in the post's comment section.

When asked if the show was axed, Oldfield replied, "yep!, I knew it wasn't coming back late last year," she wrote. "Foxtel are struggling against Netflix and Stan and aren't renewing any new shows - they're focusing on sports."

She added: "That's why I did I'm a Celebrity. But never fear, I'm working on a new show for next year."

Lisa made it clear that no shows have been renewed at the moment, not even The Real Housewives of Melbourne. When a fan revealed that cast member Venus Behbahani-Clark previously teased her return for the show's fifth season, Oldfield wasted no time and threw some shade at her direction.

"I think she's pulling your leg or trying to remain relevant," she wrote about Venus. 

As previously reported, sources reveal that The Real Housewives of Sydney "will begin filming in 2019" after a year hiatus and apparently they will be adding new cast members "to shake things up and change the dynamics."

Meanwhile, Athena and Lisa Oldfield insist that the show will not be returning, despite recent reports.

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Photo Credit: Foxtel