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Leanne Brown Admits She Has No Regrets About Quitting RHOCheshire!

Leanne Brown reflects on her Real Housewives of Cheshire exit and explains why she decided to walk away from the hit reality series and admits she doesn't miss the show and reveals why doing charitable work is important for her.

"I have felt so much better in myself, since I've left," Brown told The Daily Mail about leaving the ITVBe hit reality series. "It wasn't nice, the drama was too much for me, I needed to focus on doing more charity work."

"People say about the small stuff, like drama on the show, it's irrelevant of what really goes on in the big picture. It's about wasting your energy on things that actually really do matter in life...that's what this campaign is about as well and I'm so happy to be involved in it," she said about the new campaign of SlimLine Wine's new ‘Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs, Zero F**ks’, which encourages women to abandon pointless everyday guilt and embrace life’s pleasures without compromising, which she's part of the Zero Squad along with Ashley James and Olivia Buckland.

Does Leanne misses being part of RHOCheshire? "I'd have to say no, I miss my Tanya [Bardsley], because I love her to bits, I see her all the time, she's still my bestie - the bond that will never break," she continued. "But with regards to the show in general and the rest of it, then I don't miss it at all, no, I'm quite happy concentrating on the things that matter in life, which are my family and friends. Yeah, doing my charity work and giving back is so much more rewarding."

Since Leanne left the show, she was replaced by Paddy McGuinness' wife, Christine, who joined the show as a "Friend of the Housewives." So how does Leanne feel about Christine being part of the show?

"I am happy for anybody that wants to be on the show and it's a great way, platform and lifestyle...I don't regret me being on the show," she told The Daily Mail. "Obviously, I have to take responsibility for what I did, in regards to putting up with my friendship, with a certain person - no name!"

She added: "I learnt a lot about myself doing the show and I'm sure Christine will do the same. She's going to be a great character, she's a lovely girl, yeah, I'm just really happy for her. I just hope she keeps her wits about her."

Photo Credit: ITVBe