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In Other Bravo TV News: Southern Charm Season 5 Reunion Seating Revealed, Jeff Lewis' Surrogate Sues Bravo For Filming Birth On Flipping Out And Magical Elves Returns To Produce Bravo's Project Runway!

Welcome to our second edition of our new feature on of In Other Bravo TV News. As mentioned on last week's article, this new feature, we will share news and rumors about the other Bravo TV shows that's not related to Real Housewives franchise. 

TV series such as Below Deck, Southern Charm, Shahs of Sunset, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, Summer House, Married to Medicine, Flipping Out to name a few. Check it out below!

* Southern Charm Season 5 Reunion Seating Revealed

Andy Cohen, of course, takes center stage with Shep Rose,Naomie Olindo and Austen Kroll on one couch, and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks and Chelsea Meissner on the other couch.

* Ashley Jacobs brought the drama when she showed up on Southern Charm Season 5 reunion taping

As previously reported, Thomas Ravenel was a no show at the reunion taping, but his girlfriend Ashley Jacobs did show up on set and filming for the upcoming special.

An insider told Page Six that Jacobs sat down for a reunion segment on Tuesday, arriving around 8 a.m. for a 5 p.m. call time. She was sequestered from the cast until she sat down on the couch.

Apparently, Jacobs didn’t discuss the investigation into the sexual assault claims against Ravenel, instead focusing her time on defending her relationship and fighting off rumors that she is an escort or gold digger.

The publication also reports that she explained her recent weight loss, telling Andy Cohen that life’s stresses got the best of her and she’s determined to get healthier.

Apparently, Jacobs requested to stay at a different hotel than the rest of the cast for the two nights that they were filming the reunion in New York City.

Cohen spoke about filming of the upcoming special on Tuesday night’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” saying: “I taped the ‘Southern Charm’ reunion today … and it was intensely dramatic which is why I have droopy everything tonight. Ashley was there. It was really something.”

* Magical Elves returns to produce the reboot of Bravo's Project Runway

Magical Elves, the production company behind Bravo Media’s Emmy Award-winning “Top Chef,” has been tapped to return as the producers of Bravo’s "Project Runway," it was announced by Shari Levine, Executive Vice President, Current Production, Bravo via Bravo's official press release. Magical Elves produced the first five groundbreaking seasons of “Project Runway” on Bravo. Pre-production has already begun and the series will premiere in 2019.

“’Project Runway’ has truly come full circle with the Magical Elves on board,” said Levine, “Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth have been incredible producing partners with us through the years on multiple fronts. We blazed a trail with the first seasons of ‘Project Runway’ on Bravo, and now look forward to beginning the next evolution of the franchise with the team that was so instrumental in developing the format.”

“We could not be more thrilled to return as the producers of Project Runway,” says Dan Cutforth, Co-Founder, Magical Elves, “We built the series from the ground up with Bravo and it is part of the DNA of our company.”

“Dan and I have always loved ‘Runway’ so much and we can’t wait to return to it with a renewed creative energy,”says Jane Lipsitz, Co-Founder, Magical Elves, “We are really excited to reflect some of the incredible changes that have happened in the fashion world since we last produced the series.”

It was recently announced that "Project Runway," was coming back to its original home on Bravo during the NBCUniversal Upfront on May 14. Bravo launched "Project Runway" in 2004 where it continued airing through 2008, and now returns for Season 17. The show joins Bravo's diverse slate of programming and its expansion of seven nights a week of original series in primetime.

* Surrogate for Jeff Lewis sues Bravo for broadcasting birth on Flipping Out

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward are “devastated” after news broke that the surrogate mother of their 19-month-old daughter, Monroe Christine, is suing Bravo, claiming she never consented that the network could film her delivering the baby for the show.

Alexandra Trent filed a lawsuit on Tuesday, claiming that Flipping Out producers filmed her vagina without permission and that Lewis and Edward had personally humiliated her by making “disgusting” comments on the show, according to court records obtained by PEOPLE.

She is seeking damages for unlawful recording, invasion of privacy and fraud.

“This is like a blow to the head. We are completely blindsided by this,” Lewis told PEOPLE. “We are just devastated. I thought we had a nice relationship, a friendship. We treated her like an extended member of the family. So you can imagine this is pretty stunning.”

“And this is where I’m so upset. Because, on one hand, I don’t want to tarnish this most amazing experience of my life,” he continued. “We couldn’t be more grateful to this woman for birthing our child. We are indebted to her… we are so completely grateful to her, because without her, we wouldn’t have Monroe. But on the other hand, these are fabricated claims and are completely bogus and without merit. This smells to me like a financial shakedown.”

Trent claims in her suit that she had no interest in being on Flipping Out and did not know she would be on a reality show when she responded to Lewis and Edward. A desire to help promote the option of surrogacy, she said, led her to agree to filming ultrasound appointments, but claims she drew the line at filming the birth.

Her suit alleges that camera operators secretly filmed from behind a curtain, despite telling her they wouldn’t. They also noted, doctors were unaware cameras were rolling and her blurred-out vagina was shown on-screen, reports the publication.

Weeks after it aired, a business associated informed Trent of what was on television. She was “humiliated and distraught” and has been unable to get Bravo to take down the clips from their website. She also canceled another surrogacy contract out of “embarrassment.”

Lewis balked at claims that Flipping Out filmed Trent without her permission.

“That, to me, is insanity, because we were upfront and honest from the beginning, to the point where her appearance release was a part of the surrogacy agreement because the whole idea was to document this journey,” he said. “It was part of her agreement, it was all tied in. So how do you now say that you didn’t know you were being filmed? It’s a broad appearance release!”

“And not only did she sign an appearance release as part of our surrogacy contract, I believe she signed it as a separate appearance release with the production company. And she signed a nondisclosure agreement, which she now violated. So what’s the point of legal agreements if you’re just going to disregard them all?”

He added: “Flipping Out is not a hidden camera show. There were moments where there were two, three, four cameras. Everybody was mic-ed. There was a boom, there was a producer. There were production assistants. I remember filming at lunch with her family, and that was a big crew there that day. So how do you now say you didn’t know you were being filmed? It’s unbelievable.”

Photo/Gif Credit: Bravo, Lifetime and GIPHY