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In Other Bravo News: Austen Kroll Slams Chelsea Meissner And Victoria, Summer House Begins Filming Season 3 And Rachel Zoe Would Like To Bring Back The Rachel Zoe Project!

Welcome to our fourth edition of our new feature on of In Other Bravo TV News. As previously mentioned, this new feature, we will share news and rumors about the other Bravo TV shows that are not related to Real Housewives franchise.

TV series such as Below Deck, Southern Charm, Shahs of Sunset, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, Summer House, Married to Medicine, Flipping Out to name a few. Check it out below!

*Summer House Begins Filming Season 3*

Filming on the upcoming third season is currently underway, reports Bravo's The Daily Dish.  As previously reported, the Bravo hit reality series is getting a major cast shake up for the show's upcoming third season. Twins Lauren and Ashley Wirkus, Stephen McGee, Amit Neuman and Danielle Olivera will not appear as series regulars on season 3, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.

The remaining cast members Carl Radke, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula and Lindsay Hubbard are all expected to return for a third season.

However, a source reveals that just because the twins, Stephen, Amit and Danielle are not regulars this season, that doesn’t mean they won’t appear in some capacity . “No one is a leaving on bad terms,” the insider adds, noting that no one was “axed,” according to The Daily Mail.

No casting news about potential new cast members has not been revealed as of yet.

*Million Dollar Listing New York alum Luis D. Ortiz Bravely Opens Up About His Struggle with Depression*

Luis D. Ortiz is opening up about his battle with depression in a lengthy and candid post on Instagram. The former Million Dollar Listing New York agent took to social media and detailed his ongoing issues, which he decided to share in the wake of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade's suicides earlier this month.

“I have been wanting to share this for some time now but have been very reluctant to do so for the very same reasons most of us choose to keep our truths in the dark,” he wrote. “However, ever since Kate and Bourdain committed suicide I have been feeling the strong need and responsibility of sharing my truth with the hopes of a positive change.”

In the full post, which you can read below, Luis opens up in great detail about his current struggles and notes that it has been the “the genuine love and care” of those close to him “who have constantly fought and continue to fight hard” to help him “come back to the old full-of-light self I truly loved, respected and admired.”

A post shared by @ luisdortiz on

He notes that because of those "few good friends and family," “I am still here and with the desire of slowly eradicating this bullsh-- (definitely temporary) mindset of mine and start creating something extraordinary as a result."

Luis then offered some more insight into his struggles: “My point; this sh-- is real and it’s happening to so many people. Regardless of who they are and what they have or haven’t accomplished. We constantly feel the need of showing that everything is OK when it really isn’t and that needs to stop... Our internal battle makes us stronger, yes. But we need to win them first. And sometimes, most times, we can’t win them on our own.”

He continued: “With that said, don’t be afraid of your truth. Be proud of it. Share it if you believe will help you understand it better. It’s the only way you will genuinely evolve. And for those of you with friends or close ones who you see are not being themselves, do not abandon them. Remind them of who they are. Remind them that you’re there for them. Remind them that you love them. They don’t need to be at their lowest to be positively affected by it.”

Before signing the emotional and brave post “With love, Luis," he noted: “Let’s make it cool and sexy to create forward while sharing our truth along the way. Let’s learn to love everyone’s unique truth and perhaps that will elevate our levels of compassion and empathy which will better us as people and our world. We are all amazing. Don’t forget that."

Note: If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), text “help” to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741 or go to

*Austen Kroll slams Southern Charm co-star Chelsea Meissner and ex-girlfriend Victoria on Instagram*

Austen responded to some fan questions in the comment section of an Instagram post and shared some juicy details about his break-up with Victoria and he slammed both Victoria and Chelsea.

Austen called dealing with Victoria an "nightmare" and revealed that "after she threw the drink" on him, "she followed me home and threw a rock through my window and I had to call the cops."

He then revealed that this was not the first time she had "similar freak outs."

"That was the third time she's had similar freak outs. I'm in a tell a mood tonight."

After a fan asked him why he is not with Chelsea, Austen wrote, "I need a woman with a sex drive."

Then, Austen recently appeared on Bravo's The Daily Dish Podcast, where Austen shut down Chelsea's claims that she always paid for dinner during their dates. 

"Watching the season, I was taken aback, for sure, at all the things she had to say about me," Austen said. "I thought that we were so close and we always had each other's back. Apparently, she had a lot of things to say about me. At first I was angry and I was like, 'What the hell, Chels?'"

Austen went on to explain, "In my drunken head, I'm out and I'm like, do you want to wake up and be like, where's Austen? Or do you want to wake up with me in your bed? I thought that that was the right move and she made it seem like I did it like over and over. I'm like, that happened once, you let me know that you're not into it, so I never did it again."

He also disputes Chelsea's claims that she paid on their dates. "I was like, 'Chels, as long as you didn't say that I had a little willy, I'm sure that we'll be good,' and then she said that and I was like, 'Actually, wait, I almost would rather you said that I had something else going on than calling me cheap!' Very disappointing."

Then, Austen revealed why it didn't work out with Chelsea and Victoria.

Austen revealed that he agrees with Chelsea's assertion that they broke up because "we're just in two different places [in] our lives," because Chelsea "lives life like a grandma" and he likes to go out ... but he said their differences shouldn't have been insurmountable.

"Shouldn't it be about compromise?" Austen mused. "Can't I get you to go out more and can't you be like, 'Let's be in together tonight'? And I don't think she was willing to give that a try ... She was just like, 'Oh, you don't fit perfectly into my life, so it's not gonna work.'"

He revealed that dating Victoria was "a breath of fresh air" because, like Austen, she liked to go out. In fact, Austen said his relationship with Victoria ultimately didn't work because they were too similar.

*Asa Soltan Rahmati paid tribute to her son's great-grandfather Joe Jackson after his passing*

Joe Jackson passed away on Wednesday in a hospital in Las Vegas at the age of 89 years old, according to Bravo's The Daily Dish. Asa Soltan Rahmati took a moment to remember the man who was the great-grandfather to the Shahs of Sunset mom's young son Soltan Jackson and the grandfather to her partner, Jermaine Jackson, Jr.).

"Rest In Peace Joseph," she captioned a throwback photo on Twitter. "Your strength and determination with Grandma’s Love changed the world forever and eternity. You will be missed greatly." She used the hashtag #TheHawk, a nickname known to family members, which Joseph started using in reference to his predilection for finding younger women in recent years, according to New York Post.

*Rachel Zoe would like to reboot The Rachel Zoe Project*

Rachel Zoe recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, a caller wondered if Rachel would ever want to reboot The Rachel Zoe Project.

"Sure!" she answered, with no hesitation. "Yeah, if it was right and Andy'd do it with me!"

"Nice!" Andy grinned.

"I think I would if everything kind of made sense," she continued. "It's fun and a different time, so yeah, why not?"

"Did you hear that, Rodg?" Andy asked her husband, who was the guest bartender for the night. Rodger looked away, a bit speechless in the moment.

Then, Andy asked how she feels about her former assistant Taylor Jacobson.

"Don't think about her, don't run into her, don't care," she said.

If you recall, Rachel Zoe infamously fell out with Jacobson in between Seasons 2 and 3 of The Rachel Zoe Project, which aired on Bravo between 2008 and 2013. The drama unfolded off camera and Taylor was fired by Rachel and her husband Rodger Berman, reports Bravo.

Photo/Gif Credit: Bravo, GIPHY