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Dawn Ward Addresses Reports About Being Kicked Out Of Charity Ball, Denies Showing Up ‘Drunk’ And Slams ‘Egotistical’ Jonathan Wilkes!

Dawn Ward addresses recent report of allegedly getting kicked out of a charity ball after getting into an argument with television host Johnathan Wilkes over the weekend. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star slams Wilkes and calls him "egotistical."

Ward's representative told The Daily Mail that she got into a row with Wilkes who was acting as compere for the auction hosted by the Donna Louise Trust Ball on Friday night in Stoke-On-Trent.

Dawn hit back at claims from onlookers that she arrived drunk and was a 'complete mess,' with her representative insisting that she was trying to donate a prize to the charity auction when the altercation erupted.

As previously reported, eyewitnesses revealed that 'Jonathan Wilkes, who has been involved in the ball for years claim that Ward "really had a pop" at him and when ladies tried to step in she pushed them away.

"The whole room was watching and there was about 500 people there. Jonathan got back on stage after the incident and said that he’s never had that in all the years he’s been hosting the event."

A video obtained by The Sun shows Dawn and another woman got into a heated argument off stage, with Dawn seen pushing away while exchanging insults with Jonathan before she walked off.

Meanwhile, Ward is sharing her side of the story via her representative. "Dawn arrived at the event late as she had a work commitment. She jumped in the car and hadn't had drop of alcohol."

"She was sat at the tale, the auction started. She was talking to friends saying how she could donate a prize from her company Sculpt, a non-surgical company. She had got the price up to £5,000 so she went over and tried to tell him [Wilkes] and offer the prize."

Dawn's representative continued, telling The Daily Mail: "It was quite complicated to explain to him while he was on stage so she sat back down, Dawn didn't ask to take the microphone but then he said "nobody's here to steal my thunder."'

"A lady tried to step in grabbing her arms quite aggressively so Dawn pushed free to leave the situation," continued the rep. "Surely it's about money for the charity rather than anyone's ego? She admits she got frustrated, but there were insults coming both ways, it was quite aggressive."

Adding: "She was trying to explain why she was angry but he was more interested in his ego than the charity. He said he could have her chucked out but she told him "I'm leaving anyway"."

Photo Credit: ITVBe