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Mario Singer’s Former Mistress Kasey Dexter Shares Details About Their Affair And Reveals How Ramona Singer Caught Them Cheating; Claims Avery Never Accepted Her And Explains Why She Cheated On Mario!

During a recent interview, Kasey Dexter got candid about her affair with Mario Singer. Dexter also shared details about how Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer caught them cheating. “She followed us heading to their South Hampton home,” she told Becky In Boca.

“We had just picked up some food at the restaurant to have dinner. We had the dog. I went upstairs to start putting my clothes away and she just barged through the door, and Mario slammed the door.”

Kasey confirms that Mario would take her regularly to the Hamptons home he shared with Ramona.

“I did sleep in the marital bed. Just telling the truth,” she explained. “Yes, she did [catch me in their marital bed] red handed. South Hampton police came. I just had to grab my stuff. I’m sitting at the top of their stairs, like shaking. I remember calling my mom,” she shared. “So we left. We went to one of his friends’ homes.”

According to Kasey, she continued to have an affair with Mario while he was trying to fix his marriage with Ramona.

“They tried to get back together. They went on a trip to St. Barts I think twice. It was tough for me even though I had a boyfriend at the time,” said Kasey. “When Mario got me an apartment, she kept texting me about ‘how much is the rent? How much is he spending on you?'”

As you may recall, Ramona and Mario ended up divorcing in 2014. He continued his relationship with Dexter. She admits that their relationship was great for sometime, but she reveals that Mario's daughter Avery never accepted her, which caused conflict in their relationship.

“He did spoil me. For a few years, everything was fine. She was out of our lives, Ramona was,” she explained. “Obviously Avery, his daughter, was in his life but you know, it was hard. Mario would say, ‘You know, the two most important women in my life will never have a relationship. She’ll never accept you.”

Another issue the two faced in their relationship was the topic of marriage and babies.

“He said at first that marriage is not off the table. He’s been married twice already. But he said he would never have kids with me. He had a vasectomy behind my back,” she revealed.

As you may recall, Mario eventfully ended his relationship with Kasey after he caught her having an affair in their Palm Beach home. Mario found out about the affair via hidden cameras he had installed, which he ended up evicting her from his home for cheating on him. As previously reported, cops were called after she refused to leave the property. Eventually she was

Kasey now reveals the reason why she ended up cheating on Mario.

“He wouldn’t tell me I’m beautiful all the time. And that’s another reason I cheated on him with my boss. He made me feel beautiful and wanted. And I fell in love like crazy.”

She revealed that the affair/relationship she had with her boss eventually ended and explains why she resents Mario.

“I kind of resent Mario, even though I cheated on him, for evicting me. I almost feel like we got a divorce. What did I get in this settlement? Nothing,”

Despite her actions, Kasey reveals she is sorry for the way she came in between Ramona's marriage.

 “I’m very apologetic and sincere,” she said. “I know I come across that I don’t care but I do. I just try to make light of it even though it’s not.”

Transcript courtesy via Reality Blurb

Photo Credit: Bravo, Facebook