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Carole Radziwill: “In Bethenny’s Myopic World, She’s The Judge, Jury, And The Executioner”

Carole Radziwill is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Carole Radziwill is getting tired of Bethenny Frankel's side remarks and "narcissistic" behavior. 

Carole writes:

"Spoiler Alert: Two men die and a friendship gets put on life support tonight.

Many of you think RHONY is scripted. It’s not. Some of you assume we’re aware of what’s going on with the other ladies at all times, but that's not the case either. I don’t know what any of the other Housewives say when I'm not filming with them. And no one tells us. I sit on my sofa and watch the events unfold at the same time as all of you—and sometimes, like you, I’m shocked by what I see and hear. 

In real life, you may never discover that a friend is being nice to your face only to make rude and hurtful comments behind your back. But lucky (or unlucky) for me, I get to hear it all—Bethenny’s drumbeat of insults, her spate of digs, and her self-serving narrative. Live on Bravo Wed 9e/8c!

Blogging is also a part of being on the show. It is here that I have a chance to respond to all the crap that has been said about me and about the people I love—on television! When I hear a bunch of snide comments being hurled, part of me reacts with, I don’t really care what Bethenny thinks of me, she seems so angry and unhappy. Relationships change. They ebb and flow over time, and friends ultimately show you who they are. I’m a grown-up, yet I can’t help but feel sad that I let into my life a person who I thought supported me, respected me, and enjoyed me, and she has revealed herself to be the complete antithesis. That is my thoughtful Austrian side. But my fiery Italian side is more like, “What the f**k did she just say?!”

I was taught to stand up for myself. To be heard. To defend my family and people I love. And to never let anyone question my character, intelligence, or integrity. And that is exactly what Bethenny has been slowly, insidiously trying to do all season with her hidden agenda. It’s pathetic, and I’m not about to take it. Up until this episode, I have not said a single unkind word about Bethenny in those confessional interviews or to any of our mutual friends—on or off camera. Not one single thing.

But in Bethenny’s myopic world, she’s the judge, jury, and executioner. Her narcissistic point of view doesn’t permit any dissenters—only her truth matters. It’s astounding to watch. Then again, in the post-truth age of consuming fake news, Bethenny’s world of magical thinking will probably be rewarded with its own spin-off. "

What do you think about Carole’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo