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Aviva Drescher Spills The Tea On Her Time On RHONY And Says Carole Radziwill Is “Extremely Contrived” And “Strategic Person”; Claims Carole Is Still On RHONY Because She’s Besties With Andy Cohen!

Aviva Drescher is spilling all the tea about her time on The Real Housewives of New York City, her feud with Carole Radziwill and her thoughts on the current season of the Bravo hit reality series. The Leggy Blonde author recently appeared on The Reality Rundown Podcast, where she was asked about Bethenny Frankel’s claim that Carole “needs a friend by her at all times.”

Before getting to the question, Aviva said, “We were definitely very, very close. I fell head over heels for Carole. Carole…. I think…. does what’s good for Carole.” So maybe “what’s good for Carole” is having a friend by her side at all times.

Then, Aviva explained the breakdown of her relationship with Carole. “I think Step 1 for me and Carole was when I called the girls white trash.” And by “the girls” she means Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan specifically.

Aviva recalled, “I sort of turned from being a fan favorite to a fan non-favorite.” She continued, “When I started to get a little bit hated for going after Sonja and Ramona, for the whole white trash thing, and all that, Carole in real life started to distance herself from me.”

“[Carole] is such a strategic person. It’s unbelievable. Her whole life is like that. It’s incredible. She’s extremely contrived….. but trying so hard to not let people know that she is contrived.”

Drescher then made a pretty bold claim about  why Radziwill is still on the show. “Let me make it clear why Carole is one hundred percent on the show. She is best friends with Andy [Cohen] for many many years. That’s a political game over there. She’s positioned herself and made herself popular on social media. She’s very well set up over there where she really doesn’t have to do anything.” Aviva added, “She has major job security.”

Aviva discussed getting fired from the show. “I was surprised. I think that I had a lot. I think I could have had a lot more fun and done a lot more. ” She even claimed, “I do believe comes down a lot to Carole. I do.”

Then, Aviva brought us back to the story line known as “bookgate.” She revealed, “Bookgate came up because I was talking to Ramona off-camera about how Carole was blowing me off.”

“When I told her that my publisher told me that Carole had a ghostwriter, Ramona was like ‘Oh my gosh. You have to bring it on air. That’s such a great story line.’ Carole was being such a bitch to me anyway, so I figured ‘Why not bring that on?’ I had no idea that was going to hit such a nerve. Honestly.”

“She became vicious. She went after my husband’s business. She honestly looked at it as an assault on her livelihood, which was not my intention. I couldn’t reel her back. I tried to. I tried to apologize to her on camera. I said on air that the book was so good.”

She added, “I think to this day, that is why I’m not on the show.” She explained, “I think she went right to Andy and said ‘If you bring Aviva back, I’m not coming back.’”

Transcript courtesy via Reality Tea

Listen to Aviva's full interview on The Reality Rundown below!

Photo Credit: Bravo