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Rachel Lugo’s Twin Sister Katie Kane Opens Up About Her Battle With Skin Cancer!

Rachel Lugo and Katie Kane recently appeared on Loose Women to talk about her recent health scare. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star joined the daytime talk show in support of her twin sister Katie as she shared details about her battle with skin cancer.

"I was terrified because I’d had a previous treatment in the hope I'd never have to have surgery but unfortunately it came back," Katie told the cast of Loose Women. "I had it on my chest. I’ve had several treatments on my chest, then it came on my face, that's been the worst one.

"Anywhere else I can deal with it, you just get on with the treatments."

Just seven weeks ago Katie had a successful operation on her face to remove the cancer, which aired during this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Katie's twin sister, Rachel warned viewers about the dangers of sunbeds - and urged them to stop using them.

"There is no excuse now. The skin is our largest organ and we're going out there and burning it," she said. "Sunbeds shouldn't exist. Fake tan is really good."

Katie shared her progress via Instagram. As she mentioned during the daytime talk show, her cancer first appeared as a dot in her face.

"Ask yourself if a tan is really worth it? I don’t want to lecture anyone but I never thought this would happen to me...I want people to recognise the signs of skin cancer so it can be caught early," she wrote. "I was extremely lucky and had the best possible outcome, time to celebrate 💃 If in doubt check it out"

Photo Credit: Rex Features