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Lauren Simon Opens Up About Her Divorce From Paul Simon!

During the seventh season premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Lauren Simon got candid and emotional about her on-going divorce from husband Paul Simon. “It’s been hell,” Lauren said about her divorce.

“When you go through such a difficult divorce I’ve never known anything like it, it’s two years later, and we’re still living in the same home. It’s been the most horrific journey I’ve ever done, but I’ve done it, so now I’ve got to keep moving forward.”

During the second episode of the ITVBe hit reality series, Lauren revealed that she will be seen undertaking a new non-surgical facelift to help her boost her confidence since divorce drama.

“I decide I’m looking too old so I have this new treatment on my face,” she said. "I need a brand new start with a brand new face.”

“I’m too young for a surgical face lift but felt I wanted something more than just Botox, which really doesn’t address the areas of the face which concerned me the most.”

"Silhouette Soft gave me that option. It was relatively quick and easy, and I’m really pleased. I just look fresher and more youthful which in turn has made me feel more confident again,” she said.

The procedure will be seen during the current season of the ITVBe hit reality series by Hale doctor Martin Kinsella at his Re-Enhance clinic.

Lauren, who is now single, she says it’s too soon for her to start dating again.

“We don’t go through my lovelife on the show because it’s non-existent at the moment. I’m either working, or I’m with my kids. In the future I’d like a friend, but I’ll never get married again,” she told Manchester Evening News.

Lauren joked that she’d like newbie Christine McGuinness to put a word in with her hubby Paddy McGuinness to get her on the dating show Take Me Out.

“I just want to go on Paddy’s show. I want to go on a trip to Fernando’s!,” she said with a laugh.

Transcript courtesy via Manchester Evening News

Photo Credit: ITVBE