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Kandi Burruss Shares The Inspiration Behind Her ‘IT’ Costume And Explains Why She Loved NeNe And Gregg Leakes’ Halloween Costume!

Kandi Burruss is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kandi Burruss shares the inspiration behind her Pennywise getup and why she loved NeNe Leakes' costume so much. How did you decide on going as Pennywise?
Kandi Burruss: IT was the hot, scary movie out at the time. My friends and I threw around some ideas and being the "IT" girl was the one we settled on. Whose costume was your favorite?
KB: I absolutely loved Cynthia and Marlo’s costumes. They both killed it! Eva and I ended up picking Cynthia for the win because she stayed in character the entire night! Cynthia played that role too well. What went through your mind when you saw NeNe and Gregg's costume?
KB: I love when people can take the B.S. that someone says about them and flip it to a positive. NeNe and Gregg have a great sense of humor. It was a great idea!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo