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Dorinda Medley Explains Why She Has Had ‘Enough’ With Sonja Morgan’s Drama!

Dorinda Medley is dishing about her feud and drama with Real Housewives of New York City co-star Sonja Morgan. If you recall, the two got into a heated argument over their former husbands, while at a brunch hosted by Luann de Lesseps.

Dorinda explains that she is frustrated that Sonja for comparing her 2006 divorce, to her ex-husband John, to the death of her husband Richard, who unexpectedly died in 2011.

“I too have been through a divorce almost the same amount of years ago as Sonja, and I just feel like enough,” she revealed on Us Weekly's In Case You Missed Us Podcast. “You have to move on from it. People keep saying, ‘Oh well you still talk about Richard.’ Well, Richard died. I think it’s important for his family, for his children, for me, to memorialize him. It’s different holding a legacy, than talking about the day you got divorced 10 years ago.”

However, Dorinda hopes that she and Sonja will one day see eye-to-eye since “we’re sort of in similar parts of our life.”

“I am a total forgiver. I think we work through things. In fact, you’ll see this week that we try to talk it out again,” she added. “Life’s too short to hold grudges. You never know what’s going on behind everything, so I try not to hold judgment, but I do get frustrated. Just like my tagline says, ‘I’m nice, but I get impatient.’”

Photo Credit: Bravo