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Carole Radziwill Shares New Details About RHONY’s Cruise From Hell And Addresses The Status Of Her Friendship With Bethenny Frankel!

Carole Radziwill is sharing new details about The Real Housewives of New York City's infamous cruise from hell. During an appearance on Page Six TV, Radziwill revealed she and some of her co-stars fell ill over a parasite.

“We all ate something that did not agree with us,” said Radziwill. “I think it was a fish because Bethenny [Frankel] and Tinsley [Mortimer] are actually allergic to fish and they didn’t eat the fish, and the rest of us did and we all did come home with a parasite.”

Radizwill also addressed the status of her friendship with Frankel, which seems like the two have hit a bump in their relationship as seen in the Season 10 trailer.

“Our friendship isn’t over, it’s just not what it was. I’m sort of an idealistic person and I sometimes view people idealistically, when I meet them, and now I just see her a little bit more realistically,” Radziwill said. “I think there were some things that were said that I heard that she had said, that I didn’t think were consistent with someone who was a good friend, and the person I knew her to be. I talked to her about it, and she doesn’t like to be confronted so I don’t know how well it went.”

Radziwill revealed the same information about her friendship with Frankel during another interview.

"I'm an idealistic kind of person. I look at the world that way, I look at people that way, and I think I looked at her that way," Carole told E! News. "And I feel like now I see her a little bit more realistically and less idealistically. There were just some things that were said and done that I just felt like weren't completely consistent with the girl I knew."

Fans will see Carole and Bethenny "talk it out and we talk it out again," but Carole said she felt "major disappointment" in their falling out.

"I never expected that to happen, "she continued. "I feel like we truly developed a friendship off the show and then I just saw some behavior that I just didn't think was consistent with someone I would consider a really good friend."

Carole wouldn't reveal the whole story of their fractured relationship , but she explained, "It was a bunch of things. It just felt like suddenly it was very gossip-y and mean and unnecessary, and I was just like, that's not the person I knew."

She added: "I am not competitive with my friends. I only wish my friends the best in everything and much success...I celebrate them. I compete with only myself, so it was just a little eye-opening, that's where we are right now."

Photo Credit: Bravo