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The Real Housewives Of Hungary Season 2 Premieres On April 9th — Watch The First Promotional Trailer And Official Cast Portraits HERE!

The Real Housewives of Hungary or as they will be known there as Feleségek Luxuskivitelben are back with a new season, two pregnant housewives, new drama and two new cast members. The second season will premiere on Monday, April 9 at 9:00pm on VIASAT3. 

Returning are Babett Köllő, Boglárka Csősz Talu, Dalma Márfai, and Vivien Vasvári, who will be joined by two new housewives: Tünde Polgár and Yvonne Dederick. 

If case you haven't noticed, Dalma and Vivien are expecting this season and their storyline will center on their pregnancies.Check out the official Season 2 cast portraits and first promotional trailer below!

Meet The Real Housewives of Hungary aka Feleségek Luxuskivitelben Season 2 cast below!

Babett Köllő (Credit: Photo: VIASAT3 / Udvardi Attila)

Boglárka Csősz Talu (Credit: Photo: VIASAT3 / Udvardi Attila)

Dalma Márfai (Credit: Photo: VIASAT3 / Udvardi Attila)

Tünde Polgár (Credit: Photo: VIASAT3 / Udvardi Attila)

Vivien Vasvári (Credit: Photo: VIASAT3 / Udvardi Attila)

Yvonne Dederick (Credit: Photo: VIASAT3 / Udvardi Attila)

The Real Housewives of Hungary aka Feleségek Luxuskivitelben Season 2 premieres on Monday, April 9 at 9:00pm only on VIASAT3.

Photo/Video Credit: VIASAT3