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Shereé Whitfield Slams NeNe Leakes In Shady Twitter Feud!

Shereé Whitfield slammed NeNe Leakes after Sunday night's episode of  The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where Leakes found herself in the middle of controversy during her comedy show where she made a rape joke.

NeNe broke down in tears during Sunday night's episode of the Bravo hit reality series, admitting that her joke went to far. Prior to the episode airing, Leakes tweeted, "Tune into RHOA tonight at 8pm on Bravo! Let me know how you feel abt Wig & Sweetie 2.0 reckless mouths." Clearly she was talking about Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Shereé Whitfield.

However, Whitfield wasn't feeling NeNe's emotional breakdown over her rape joke and slammed her on Twitter.

"Let's watch how these horrible acting skills come in to play tonight!," she tweeted along with the following hashtags: "#NoREALtears #BADActing #Whenyourmouthgetyouintrouble #sodisgusting"

Then, Whitfield replied to a tweeted that NeNe retweeted accusing her of stealing out of Neiman Marcus and being jealous of Leakes," Shereé dropped a bombshell and replied: "Around the same time u were doing credit card fraud, stealing and mortgage fraud... #bloop"

"U tell someone u hope they get RAPED by an Uber driver but u don't want to be hurtful #hypocrite" 

"U cant even muster up one tear!!!," Whitfield wrote about NeNe's emotional breakdown during Sunday night's episode along with the following hashtags, "pinchyourself #pokeyoureye #Icant #pathetic" 

"BUT U DID WISH HARM!!!," Shereé tweeted. 

"As a woman, as a human being.... I would never wish RAPE upon ANYONE...EVER!!!," she wrote with the following hashtags, "effingdisgusting #fakeapology #notbuyingit #NOTONETEAR"

As for NeNe, she shared a tweet with a caption saying, "Sometimes you gotta let folks lose with who they think they're winning with..." with a tweet dedicating the tweet to Zolciak-Biermann and Whitfield.

If you recall back in early October, Leakes hosted the “Girls Night Out for Laughs” comedy event at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California, on Saturday.

The event featured Loni Love, Tiffany Haddish, Adele Givens, Melanie Comarcho, Hope Flood and DJ Lucci. While on stage, the reality star fired back at a heckler after reportedly being booed, reports PEOPLE.

“I ain’t even gonna to tell you about the God d–n Uber driver. I hope he rape yo ass tonight when he take you home, bitch,” Leakes said to the heckler in the video captured by an attendee courtesy via The Shade Room, which was met with boos from fellow audience members. “And steal yo’ funky hello kitty, bitch.”

Leakes took to social media on Monday to publicly apologize. “I truly regret and apologize for what I said from the stage in Oakland over the weekend. Sometimes words can cut deep and hurt when you have no intentions of them doing so,” Leakes wrote.

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“As a woman and someone who has survived abuse, I regret the words that I used. I made a mistake and I should have known better,” she continued. “I hope people accept my deepest and sincerest apologies. I am sorry.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo