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Tom Schwartz Says Drunk Cheating On Katie Maloney Was “Completely Unacceptable And Really Douchey!”

Tom Schwartz recently opened up about allegedly cheating on his wife, Katie Maloney, when he was blackout drunk. “I just know in my heart,” the Vanderpump Rules star told Us Weekly when asked how he will ensure he won’t cheat on Maloney again.

“First of all, I don’t even know how that happened and it’s so regrettable, I’m so embarrassed. It’s like, especially for my age and maybe if I was single and 22, that would be OK. No, then it’s definitely OK.”

He continued, “But as a married man, it’s … It’s easy for me to make light of the situation but knowing that I hurt someone I love so much, it’s really embarrassing. We know … I mean, I think it’s not that big of a deal in the big scope of things, but it’s still completely unacceptable and really douchey.”

As previously reported, Lala Kent told Scheana Marie and Ariana Madix on the January 2 episode of the Bravo hit reality series that her friend made out with Schwartz when he was wasted. Madix later filled in Schwartz, and he broke the news to Maloney, whom he married in August 2016, reports the publication.

Since he was intoxicated, Schwartz could not confirm or deny if the alleged makeout happened or not. However, the Bravo reality star made it clear that he does not have a serious substance abuse issue.

“Oh no, it’s not like that at all. I don’t have a drinking problem, I’m not in denial or anything,” Schwartz told Us Weekly. “I’m a very well-balanced human being in general, but with drinking I do have a tendency to push it to the extreme. I don’t drink frequently, but when I do, I love shots. Not because they get you wasted, but I like the …”

“Camaraderie,” Maloney chimed in.

“Yes,” Schwartz agreed. “I got to chill with the shots, but I’m a great drinker, I can hold my alcohol. Well, most of the time.”

“I do trust him,” Maloney said. “Yeah, I generally think that if he did in fact make out with this person that he doesn’t remember, that it was just simply because he was blackout drunk. Who knows, maybe there was a little persuasion on the other end of things. I don’t know.”

Photo Credit: Bravo