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Logan Noh Denies That James Kennedy Broke His Nose And Claims His Instagram Account Was Hacked; Says Their Friendship “Is Still Going Strong”

Logan Noh is addressing the now deleted Instagram post that he allegedly shared last week on social media revealing that his Vanderpump Rules bestie James Kennedy broke his nose which he publicly ended their friendship. 

The now deleted Instagram post captioned: “Mourning the lose of my friendship with James after he was proven himself to be a gross and terrible human being. He treats people like they are trahs and physically assaults anyone that stands in his way. After he broke my nose tonight over nothing I have decided to end my friendship for good.”

 Now, Noh claims that his Instagram account has hacked and denies that Kennedy physically attacked him.

“This is not true,” Logan told All About The Tea. “We were all out Wednesday night, partying and things got rowdy but James did not break my nose. The incident never happened.

“I was hacked. I did not make that post and by the time I caught wind of it, the post was removed,” said Noh.

Logan also gave an update on his friendship with James, revealing that their friendship “is still going strong,” despite the drama appearing on the Bravo hit reality series.

“Our friendship is still going strong,” he told All About The Tea.

Photo Credit: Instagram