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Eva Marcille Explains Why She Thinks Shamea Morton’s Missy Elliott Comments Were “Extremely Messy” And Calls Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s Roach-Gate Drama With NeNe Leakes “Disgusting” And “Ratchet”

Eva Marcille is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Eva Marcille shares her thoughts on all the drama that went down in Barcelona. What did you think when Shamea asked whether you'd dated Missy Elliott?

Eva Marcille: I think that Shamea is extremely messy. Beyond being out of line, I don't understand her motive. Per my understanding, she is recently married, making her a newlywed. She should invest more time on herself, her aspiring music/dance career, and herself as a newlywed and spend less time on me. I know I'm just getting to know these women, but this is not how you break the ice. Maybe it's just me, and we do things differently where I'm from, but I think she's extremely messy. I love gay people and the gay community, so if I was gay, what's the problem? I'm not exactly sure what my sexuality has to do with her, especially since she should be in a committed relationship. However, I do appreciate Shamea showing me her true colors upon hello, because now I know exactly how to play her, and that's to the left. What were your first impressions of the villa?

EM: So once we first got to Barcelona and arrived at the villa, I thought it was beautiful. I didn't plan on moving in permanently — it was only a few days for vacation — so personally, I didn't have a huge issue with the villa. What did you think about the room assignments drama?

EM: I think that the drama about the room assignments was quite petty. It's really not that deep to me. I was happy to be on the trip, and I had a room that I didn't share with anyone, so the ladies can miss me with the whole room issue. I guess I just happen to be a lot more easygoing when it comes to things like that. What went through your mind when you saw Kim's text?

EM: Kim's text was disgusting. To accuse someone of having a nasty, roach-infested home is pretty low. I'm not really privy to all of the history and drama that's happened between Kim and NeNe, but I do know that this was quite low. To add insult to injury, learning that the video was captured by Kim's daughter was really whack. I know I'm the youngest of the bunch, but there's absolutely no way I'd involve my child in this kind of drama. Seems quite ratchet to me.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo