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Lydia Schiavello Thinks Jackie Gillies Takes “Every Opportunity She Endeavors To Create Conflict And Drama” With Her!

Lydia Schiavello is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Lydia Schiavello weighs in on all the drama in Mexico and shares more behind-the-scenes drama between Gina Liano and Gamble Breaux.

Lydia writes:

"Here I am, in colourful Mexico… ready for some “to-kill-er”?

This episode starts with huge drama on a Catty Meringue. Honestly, I am not sure what language is being used, and I know I am often criticized for my pronunciation, but really, what are we doing?  Our day on the cata-“meringue” (thanks Jacks) was a glorious day interrupted by blustery conditions.  It appears, Mexico is making the girls go loco.  I was so surprised to see Janet with a drink in her hand after what had occurred.  Promises, promises…

After last week, I think that both Jackie and Janet have perhaps been intimate with too many spirits.
Contrary to Jackie’s claim that she is an accurate psychic – “Hotel California was never written at the “Hotel California” in Mexico by the lead singer of the Eagles whilst smoking a joint.”.  Perhaps she isn’t so accurate.   As I understand it the history of this famous song was a joint effort between, Don Felder (music), Glen Frey(Lyrics) and Don Henley. The music was composed in Malibu and the song was recorded in LA with the final version being recorded in Miami. It’s working title was “Mexican Reggae”.  Evidently Janet is as accurate as her sidekick, I mean psychic.

The sun was a lot stronger than I anticipated. I tried to buy a hat but couldn’t. Eric insisted upon carrying the umbrella. I actually asked him on several occasions if I could hold it myself, but he insisted on carrying it. I was blown away by the hospitality of the Mexican people and the chivalry of the men.

Jackie seems to be very frustrated. At every opportunity she endeavors to create conflict and drama with me.

Sally is not aware of Gamble and Gina’s history – she simply jumps to too many conclusions.  Part of that history is dead flowers in a black coffin box sent to Gina shortly after her Father’s funeral. It was dismissed as a joke, but was rather unfortunate, to say the least.

What the viewer doesn’t realise is that Gina spent a night in Hospital in Mexico. She was rushed by ambulance to hospital after suffering a serious anaphylactic episode and Gamble didn’t even have the decency to ask how she was. Instead she responded by mocking Gina, “I’m anaphylactic to bullshit” and then proceeded to call her a FB.

I thought military conscription ended in 1972. Sally does not seem to have her own voice.  She has very quickly become a spokesperson for the “J” Brigade.

Whilst this particular attack is not directed at me, I feel most uncomfortable for Gina being subjected to this onslaught. I think her reaction to defend herself is only natural. I am actually finding all of this really tiring, where’s the DYMO machine. There are labels getting stuck everywhere…

One minute I’m smoking a peace pipe with Janet, the next I learn she is speaking ill of me. I would like to think that something positive can come of all of this and Janet can behave like the mature women she is.

I hadn’t realised that #RHOM was a melting pot for such multicultural, non-denominational, contemporary LGBT issues. Hopefully we don’t need a plebiscite to solve this."

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Wednesday nights at 8:30pm on Arena! For International TV Listings, click here!

Source/Photo Credit: Arena, Foxtel