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Jackie Gillies: “No Matter What… #Jacket Will Always Be Solid”

Jackie Gillies is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Jackie Gillies shares her thoughts on all the drama that went down in Mexico.

Jackie writes:

"Hi lovers!

Ep 7 straight in…

Mocking is obviously in the family, Lydia. Disappointing.

Boring, moving on…

It has been a long time coming. Lots of hard work, but here we are!!!  Finally in MEXICO following our dreams, and to have the girls come along for the ride is just wonderful.

The Villa is unbelievable, and the view… OMG… breathtaking!  And to top it all off, having my beautiful Benny waiting for me.  I’m a happy girl.

The reason Ben and I are in Mexico is to meet with our distillery and exporter that we’ve been working with on our new tequila brand. Good excuse for a working holiday, right?

We’re putting the finishing touches on our tequila brand. More info will be announcing shortly at along with our existing products.

Moving on…

I did ask Lydia (… this is so exhausting) not to bring up the BS regarding Janet while we’re in Mexico, but she didn’t agree, so how on earth does that mean I can’t talk about it? #DoesNotMakeSense

In my opinion, personal friendships are person to person – one-on-one. There’s no in between. If you’re a third party to a friendship and you’ve been told something regarding that relationship that’s concerning and you feel it needs to be passed on, you only need to say it ONCE. It’s then up to the people in that relationship to determine their own way forward. BUT, if you continuously woodpecker what ever it was you were told that you felt needed passing on, it then becomes malicious. Nothing to defend, say it ONCE and drop it.

I hope you’re happy Lydia and Gina, Janet and I had our first argument. But no matter what… #Jacket will always be solid. We have been from day one. We haven’t strategically flip-flopped for the past 4 years, unlike other housewives.

Janet came to my room after the dinner because she was so upset. We had a few Tequila’s, laughed, hugged and it was over.

When I woke to see the blood bath in Janet’s room, I freaked out! FREAKED OUT!!! I did mention we’d had a few tequila’s. She must have stumbled during the night and hit her head. It was extremely distressing to see Janet in that state! I’m just happy that Janet is ok and didn’t do any major damage to herself.

Long live #Jacket

Till next time."

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Source/Photo Credit: Arena