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Faith Stowers Spills The Tea On Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Drama And Shares Behind-The-Scenes Secrets!

Faith Stowers is spilling all the tea on what went down on the current season of Vanderpump Rules. Stowers tells all during a recent appearance on Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast, where she talks about her hookup with Jax Taylor, the demise of her friendships with Lala Kent and James Kennedy and much more.

The following info is courtesy via Reddit:

-She said James and Logan are very very very very very very close and she hopes they live their truth in life. Background to this she said she used to be best friends with James and she went out often with James and Logan and they were a blast. She said Logan really doesn’t want to see James hurt by any woman and is very protective.

-She said she had told Ariana and Scheana that Jax had been DM’ing her on Twitter suggestive things and that they shrugged it off saying “oh that’s just Jax”.

-She said she never intended to put it out there, she never got paid for the show and there was no reason for her to, that it happened months before and she could have sold it months before but had no intention of that. She had told James and Jesse as they were all very close at one point (Faith is featured in Jesse’s music), but it was Jesse who decided to go tell Brittany at Scheana’s party. And she confirmed that James stole her phone at SUR. They were eating, Faith was on IG but set her phone down to take a bite, James grabbed it and ran off. Admitted to stealing the audio. Then Faith made him promise he would delete it. He promised….but didn’t delete it.

-Faith was at the party because James asked her to go with him a long time ago so she promised him. Meanwhile Lala had asked her to go to a club with her that night for some NFL player….Faith said she couldn’t as she’d already promised James (note: Scheana said Lala was out of town for her party….but her social media tells a different story and this sort of confirms it as well). She said Lala wanted to break this story with Faith but she was still negotiating her contract. So Lala was pissed that Faith did not go with her to the club, and that the story broke without Lala being there. So, they are no longer friends.

-James and Faith no longer friends but Faith said she loves him and wishes him amazing happiness. She said he’d been dying to get into the guy’s group and go on a guys trip and this was his chance so he had to choose Jax over Faith and said “you understand, its just business”.

-She said back in Season 4 & 5, Katie and Sandoval told Faith that they liked her and she should hang around them—not James and Lala—if she wanted to be part of “the group”. Faith was close with Lala and James and continued to hangout with them and so the “group” ousted her too.

-She said Jax told her he was broken up with Brittany. 100% done. So when she saw him with Brittany at Scheana’s party….she said she PURPOSELY walked up to him and Brittany to let him know she knows he now lied to her and that she has his number. She said she wasn’t going up to hangout with Brittany….she just wanted Jax to know that she (Faith) now knows he lied to her.

-When it came out and Jax denied and lied to Faith’s face….she decided she was out because she couldn’t believe a human being could lie like that in someones face, looking them in the eye. She was horrified he could do that. So she left. Production asked her to come back and film the next day for Jeremy’s party but she declined.

-She said she has other projects in the works and doesn’t need this type of thing. She loves Bravo and loves Lisa Vanderpump and Ken, said they are amazing. She just wrapped production on a new show coming out. The trailer is not out yet but once it is she said she’d talk to us again about it. All we know is she was filming on an island for a month. It might come out in March. Stay tuned. When the first 2 episodes of Season 6 came out, Faith had no idea what happened as she was still filming on that island and had no phone. So she came back to a shitstorm. Hence, why it took her a minute to reply with her side. She wasn’t even here or aware when it aired.

-She is living in both Atlanta and LA, has a place in both right now so will be going back and forth. She got some red carpet reporting work for WAGS and “At the Abbey” (in the past) so she may do more of that kind of work, as well as work on her music as time allows.

-The old lady……someone needed to find someone who could watch the 99 year old lady for a period of time. The lady ended up staying at Faith’s apartment (which she said is really big). Faith cooked her 3x meals a day, helped her walk, go to bathroom etc. But ultimately it proved to be too much work with Faith’s other projects so it only lasted one week. She said that is when Jax came over and that explains the recording…she had been recording music at her own place when he came over. (makes more sense knowing it happened at HER place, not the old lady’s!)

-what’s in the audio recording : he and Brittany were broken up, that he wasn’t attracted to her, that her family had been applying major pressure to get married and have kids and he doesn’t want that, that they hadn’t have sex in a long time. And then said Faith was the best sex he’s had.

-She said Brittany would rage text her (we asked her about Brittany saying she texted Faith but Faith never responded)….thats because the texts were like “Hey bitch, stay away from my man you skank” and stuff like that. Then she said Scheana and Brittany called Faith and Brittany was screaming at her saying she had nasty, nappy hair. Faith took that as a racist comment.

-She said she and Brittany had never been “friends”. She said when she first moved here they were a little bit since they were both Southern girls. Faith brought Brittany her favorite flowers, sunflowers, after her boob job. But once the “SUR clique” told Faith she had to choose them or Lala/James….that Brittany stopped talking to Faith back then (back in Season 4 ish) because she was now part of the Katie/Scheana clique.

-She can’t understand how Brittany can turn all the blame on her, yet had sex with Jax multiple times 2 days after she found out. She hates that we always blame the woman instead of the cheater.

-She has lots of supporters but also haters on social media and she just wishes they would stop fighting. We shouldn’t be fighting each other but supporting one another, spreading peace and love and positivity. She was in the military for 6 years and fought for Freedom of Speech, so she’ll take the “hits”, but wishes everyone would choose to move forward with positivity instead.

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