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Venus Behbahani-Clark Dishes On Her Issues With RHOMelbourne Co-Star Gamble Breaux!

Venus Behbahani-Clark is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Venus Behbahani-Clark opens up about her issues with co-star Gamble Breaux.

Venus writes:

"I was excited to attend Janet’s celebratory cocktail party. Sally was introduced and I only had a brief chat to her amongst the group before being introduced to Gamble Breaux.

I was a little anxious meeting Gamble as I had already heard she didn’t like me and I was completely taken back by her novelty “Lordship” document which appeared to be a receipt for something worth thirty odd dollars and a black and white bordered piece of paper with a more impressive envelope than the document itself. Poor Gamble went through great effort wrapping her “jack in a box”, but it would have been more polite if she had taken the price tag off – just saying.

Initially I found the gift hilarious! She should have “purchased” a “Lady” title for Janet but obviously she couldn’t even get that right. In any event, I wasn’t expecting such an extreme venomous attack towards me as I had never met this woman, I’d only heard about her here and there.

After a brief laugh, Gamble’s aggressive quizzing commenced with whether my husband “sits on the House of Lords” (in other words, has my husband claimed a seat in the upper House of Parliament of United Kingdom? NEVER).  Gamble’s interrogation at a celebration in someone’s home I had only just met amongst lots of guests was really embarrassing and confirmed that she had been looking into my family and clearly had a problem.  Looking back James and I laugh about the whole situation and think perhaps she has lots of spare time.

Gamble invited me to her step son, Luke’s 21st birthday.

I decided to accept her invitation and gift her with a Persian Khattam jewellery box. The art work on the box is an ancient Persian technique of inlaying where art forms of wooden articles with delicate pieces of wood, and precious metals are precisely-cut into intricate geometric patterns covered with hand painted birds.  I gave her a special cultural gift from my heart to make peace. However, at Luke’s birthday I was again attacked – this time by Janet, Gamble and Sally. Why? For having photos from Gina’s dinner, Janet’s party and selfie pics of some of the girls (excluding Janet) from a mutual friend who later said I couldn’t have the selfie pics and so I deleted them before Luke’s party. Big deal! Technically when the girls approached me I had NO images of them apart from the party pics (which I was in!!) and dinner pics (which I was in!!) but I didn’t want to get the mutual friend into trouble as he swore me to secrecy.  I never had pictures of the girls’ homes. I will be posting a story on my Instagram page @venusbehbahaniclark of the pics the girls claim as pics “of their home” (which really were only Janet’s partner’s home from her party). Again, I emphasise I was also in ALL those pictures.

Onto more important issues – my little sister Rebecca was getting married this year – but after distancing herself from the exciting prep talk I knew something was wrong. She was unhappy and looking for advice…I adore my little sister and will always support her in life. Rebecca’s happiness is of paramount importance in our family and we stick by each other through thick and thin."

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Source/Photo Credit: Arena