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Sneak Peek: Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Premiere Episode — Scheana Marie And Katie Maloney Face Off, LVP Confronts Tom Sandoval And Jax Taylor Is Accused Of Cheating On Girlfriend Brittany Cartwright!

On Monday's season six premiere episode of Vanderpump Rules — freshly divorced Scheana Marie throws a lavish masquerade birthday party to show off her new boyfriend, but things get tense when she leaves Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder off the guest list.

Tom Sandoval jeopardizes his and Tom Schwartz's new restaurant partnership with Lisa Vanderpump when she overhears him complaining about her management style. Finally, a vicious rumor circulates that could destroy a relationship for good. Watch a sneak sneak preview below!

In this preview clip courtesy via E! News, Sheana's putting her foot down with former friend Katie, leading to one very awkward conversation at—where else—Sur involving "rage texts about not rage texting" and a rescinded birthday party invitation. All while Ariana Madix looks on, uncomfortably.

"So, I mean, obviously you know it's my birthday," Scheana says after Katie walks up to the bar as she's being talked about. "And I'm having a party Friday, but I think I don't want you there because I don't want drama at my birthday. There are a lot of things that have been unsaid, and with, like, texting and 'I'm not rage-texting you, but here's all these rage texts.'"

"One minute, you're one of my closest best friends, you're one of the bridesmaids in my wedding," Katie replies. "The next minute, you hate me. It's been very clear that you made a decision somewhere along the line that you were not going to be my friend."

"I've already mourned the loss of my friend Scheana," Katie later admits in her confessional. "So at this point, I'm really not sad that I'm missing out on her birthday masquerade-slash-her and Rob's coming out to the world party."

In this other preview clip courtesy via TV Guide, Sandoval accuses LVP of spying on him and Ariana at SUR. Lisa was already upset over the negative things she heard Sandoval saying to Ariana about the Tom Tom partnership, but the accusation that she and Ken purposefully eavesdropped on the couple's conversation puts the Brit over the edge.

"I'm giving you an opportunity and straight away I hear your negativity and it makes me think, 'what the f--- am I doing here?' Right now, I'm rethinking the whole thing," Lisa announces before storming out.

In this other preview clip courtesy via PEOPLE, Jax is accused of cheating on girlfriend Brittany Cartwright. According to former SUR employee Faith Stowers, who previously appeared on Vanderpump Rules during its fourth season, Taylor cheated on Brittany Cartwright — with her!

“Faith said that Jax and her had sex,” Tom Sandoval tells his castmates while they all gather to celebrate Scheana Marie’s birthday.

The news quickly spreads around the party, with Taylor denying it. “I didn’t do s—,” he tells Kristen Doute.

She’s not convinced. “I want to bash Jax’s balls in with a sledgehammer. Like, over the pants so I don’t have to look at it,” she tells the audience, before taking her anger out on him. “You stupid son of a b—-. You don’t get to come home tonight so stay at [someone else’s house]. Go f— yourself, Jax.”

Cartwright is beside herself, spilling the news to LVP before confronting Taylor.

“I am disgusted, per usual, by you,” she says. “If I find out this is true, I’m moving the f— out, I’m taking the dogs with me, and you can rot in f—ing hell.”

Vanderpump Rules Season 6 airs Monday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo. For International #RealHousewives TV Listings, click here!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo