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Sally Bloomfield Reveals Why She Joined The Real Housewives Of Melbourne!

Sally Bloomfield opens up about her hardships and how her life was before joining The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Bloomfield explains why she decided to join the cast of the Foxtel hit reality series and teases what viewers can expect from her in Season 4.

Sally reveals that at the beginning of 2017, she made a new year’s resolution to face any opportunity with an open mind.

Bloomfield, who divides her time between her homes in Barwon Heads and Bali reveals the hardships she had to endure, like her husband Ian Robertson had passed away just three months earlier after a battle with cancer.

Not only was she finding her feet as a single mother to her two sons, fifteen-year-old Nic and nine-year-old Jules, she was also faced with seeing through the completion of a Balinese hotel, a project she and Ian embarked on shortly after his terminal diagnosis.

“If you’d asked me 12 months earlier whether this is something I’d be doing now, I’d have said ‘not in 100 years’,” Sally told Geelong Advertiser. “But I did make a new year’s resolution to say ‘yes’ more often.”

Sally indicate why she was a clear choice as a new cast member.

“My dad died when I was 30 and my brother committed suicide,” Sally shares. “I have had a lot of challenging times in my life.”

“But you can’t make those things all about you – that’s their life and their story. And I need to make my own story,” she continued. “My mum is a really positive person and we both made the decision after my dad died that we were going to live our lives the best we can.”

Sally recalls when a phone call came through back in January from her good friend and PR maven Judy Romano to tell her she had put forward Sally’s name to the RHOMelbourne casting department, after some convincing, she decided to embrace the opportunity.

“When Judy called and said she had put me up for it, I pretty much hung up on her,” Sally, who together with Ian formerly ran The Albany hotel in South Yarra, laughs.

“Then I told my mum and she said ‘This show’s for you. I will never speak to you again if you don’t do it’. I hung up on her too.

She called me back and said ‘I’m serious, you should do it’. So I called my son and he hung up on me. I had to call him back and when I told him he said ‘You have to do it, you were born to do it.’

“Having the support of my family and friends was really important,” she explained. “I didn’t have one friend who tried to talk me out of it. Everyone just knew I would have fun and they wanted that for me. That was really nice.”

Sally, who is a long-time friend of former cast member Chyka Keebaugh promises plenty of highs and lows. She says strong friendship groups are formed as the group of seven housewives develops clear alignments.

Bloomfield admits that she has become close with co-stars Janet Roach, Jackie Gillies and Gamble Breaux.

Much of her storyline this season is her late husband Ian’s death and the months following, and Sally admits to there being some emotional moments.

“I think they have done a beautiful job of telling my story,” Sally says. “They have handled it really beautifully and have been really respectful. I definitely had a few tears watching it back. I hope people are inspired by the journey that I have been through and what I have overcome.”

Of course the show is also centered around drama and teases her confrontation with Gina Liano.

“I witnessed some bad behavior and I called her out on it,” Sally explains. “And she came back at me with the full force of Gina. A lot of us have all got big stories and the friendships are really big this season – there’s a big divide among the group,” she continues. “But another thing which really stood out this season is how funny it is. There are tear-jerking moments but there are also a lot of laughs.”

Sally admits to difficulty of being a newbie, however she says she has enjoyed the experience, which she went into with the approach of purely having fun.

“It’s hard to inject yourself into a group of women and have your full self come across,” she says. “I’m usually the one who says what everyone else is thinking, so it was really odd for it to be the other way around. On the show I’m usually thinking it and they are all saying it.

“But I cut myself some slack, these women have known each other for longer than I have, and they’re dealing with issues that go back to previous seasons and that have got nothing to do with me.”

Photo Credit: Foxtel